Simplifying BOM and FFE with CAD to PDF Book Solution

Project Description

We developed a custom web interface that enabled users to automate the collection of BOM & FFE items from CAD into a PDF Book.  Our solution drastically reduced change orders, improved procurement accuracy by over 50%and decreased write-offs from errors.


The Challenge:
While working on a business process re-engineering project for a client’s Architecture & Construction division, HingePoint identified one key deliverable that was causing everyone angst: a book of all the Bill of Materials (BOM)/Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE) items for a brand or franchise project. This deliverable is core to the jobs of corporate architects, interior designers, contractors, installers, project managers, and procurement groups. No tool or system held all the information created across a multi-year, complex design and build project. The company was stuck manually counting, adding and extracting data—making a handmade physical manual of the FFE/BOM. They had asked PeopleSoft and Autodesk if they could provide a solution. They couldn’t. We could. We did.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside this client to create a digital book, fully indexed, linked, searchable, and organized by area of the building and use of the FFE. Users can look things up instantly, see exactly where the item located is in the building, and see where it is on the CAD sheets. In addition, we created 1) business processes to keep the data updated and versioned every 2 weeks for all brands, generations, and décor packages; 2) a simple tool that automatically generates the FFE Books every 2 weeks; and 3) a Change Bulletin, that publishes all the FFE changes every 2 weeks as well as every quarter so everyone knows exactly what has stayed the same, what has been retired, and what new FFE items are replacing the old ones.

The Relationship:
Today HingePoint continues to evolve and enhance the FFE and BOM PDF Manual book to be exactly what teams need to get the job done.

Systems Integrated: CAD, Adobe, XML, Peoplesoft, Image Library, App