Improving Franchise Brand Renovation Automated Solutions

Project Description

We streamlined franchise renovation projects with custom Adobe PDF document population that provided necessary forms and clear brand standards to ensure clarity. Our solution saved over 80% of form data costsreduced data entry time to almost zeroincreased mobile workforce efficiency, and reduced PIP and site effort by over 50%.

The Challenge:
For a Top brand development player, trying to manage all the requirements for an entire family of brands (5) and multiple generations per brand was complex. Getting franchise owners to follow renovation requirements was a challenge.

The Vision:
They needed a consistent way to help franchise owners renovate their properties and increase customer retention—keeping them fresh and viable to maintain revenue models.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside this corporation, focusing on the critical deliverables in the construction or renovation process. We created a simple tool to empower the authoring of brand requirements for the entire brand family—keeping them up-to-date, consistent, and accurate. To eliminate the tedious creation of static forms, we created standardized PDF form templates catered specifically to the brand and renovation, providing custom Renovation Scope Documents, Requirements Documents, and PIP (Property Improvement Plan) Documents, construction observation reports, and QA tools. These secure forms are easy to email around, fill out, return, and report on to track and manage the progress of the project phases. The result is an elegant tool that automatically manufactures custom PDF forms specific to each project or property depending on its history and state, brand, generation, age, and which décor or custom package they are using for design. At the push of a button anyone can generate and send out forms and instructions to owners as well as track and manage the process all while using friendly desktop tools like Adobe PDFs and E-mail.

The Relationship:
Since 2006 this tool has been expanded to include all project types/brands across the company portfolio. Many other firms have benchmarked it and franchise owners find it to be extremely clear and simple to use in keeping their properties operating at the top of their potential.

Systems Integrated: Adobe, Revit, CAD, Peoplesoft, Buzzsaw