Custom TRIRIGA WMS with Buzzsaw and Revit API

Project Description

We combined Buzzsaw and Revit API with TRIRIGA WMS functionality to create a custom TRIRIGA WMS solution to address specific client needs.  Our solution reduced data redundancy by 100% while managing 100% of document security.

The Challenge:
A TRIRIGA systems integrator for a growing national brand, wanted to implement TRIRIGA (IBM WMS – workplace management system) for real estate asset life cycle management. The integrator and the brand assumed they could integrate TRIRIGA to Buzzsaw because they had benchmarked some solutions HingePoint had previously created. When it came time to execute, however, they couldn’t get it to work, so they called HingePoint.

The Vision:
The TRIRIGA consultant wanted to leverage Buzzsaw for project document management and document collaboration but also leverage TRIRIGA for many other parts of real estate life cycle management. They were trying to automatically integrate security betweenTRIRIGAa and Buzzsaw.

The Solution:
HingePoint quickly assessed what they were trying to accomplish and what business processes and transactions they were trying to perform betweenTRIRIGA and Buzzsaw. We analyzed their application architecture, zoomed in on the bugs and issues, and re-designed the application to work. We tested the transactions to make sure they worked in a test system, proving the feasibility of what they were trying to do while showing them how to do it.

Ongoing Benefits:
The client took the information gathered from our systems design and feasibility testing solutions and rolled it out to complete the project. This solution proves that you can leverage Buzzsaw for document management and relegate it to the back end as a document management system being controlled by the security and processes of the main TRIRIGA system.

Systems Integrated: TRIRIGA, Buzzsaw, Revit, API