AEC Project Management Siebel Systems Integration

Project Description

We centralized and standardized AEC project management between Seibel, Buzzsaw and other systems for a 20,000+ member team. Our solution eliminated redundant data entrysaved hundreds of hours of timereduced data errors by 200%, and extended the lifecycle of existing platforms by years.

The Challenge:
Many know HingePoint by now as an expert in Project Management (PM), program management, Portfolio project management, and PMO’s (Project Management Offices). For this client, an old PM system had lived 5 years beyond the technology it ran on, leaving them with few options. They had a staggering portfolio of over 3000 Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) projects going on globally, involving more than 300 franchisees, 4000 vendors, and over 20,000 team members in the AEC projects. To track and manage it all, it had to be standardized, centralized, and a wide range of tools needed to be created for PMs, account managers, and executives.

The Solution:
HingePoint started by looking for a solution in the enterprise PM space, but a new enterprise platform was expensive and a challenge. Instead, we evaluated and prototyped how we could extend an existing CRM with some PM modules to integrate the franchisees, by adding their construction portfolios into the same system. We used Oracle Seibel modules to test and prototype the solution around newly created standardized business processes. We created unique tools in Seibel to house the entire project planning data that tracked and managed milestones, tasks, schedules, budgets, and people across franchise project portfolios. We then created custom GUI interfaces, reports, templates, checklists, document attachments, and other key data need to plan, track, and manage the portfolio of AEC projects and real estate assets.

The Relationship:
This solution is still in production today as the system of record for all franchise portfolio management. HingePoint has also extended it by integrating Siebel with Buzzsaw documents, PeopleSoft financial feeds, and even interfacing with other tools, including Google Earth, to plot the portfolio on the globe.

Systems Integrated: Oracle Siebel, Buzzsaw, PeopleSoft, Google Earth