Scale your franchise or design-build portfolio efficiently using “virtual prototypes”.  HingePoint specializes in 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. We help our clients implement BIM 3D Virtual Prototypes, specializing in Hotels, Restaurants, Commercial, Industrial and Product Manufacturers.  Many of our clients use virtual product modeling and architectural prototypes to speed design and dissemination of their products into real projects. Digital prototypes make it fast and efficient to apply on the job to a new project or site. Our detailed models are super accurate, and can even be used for construction documentation for permitting and drawing submissions.

We utilize a unique process that we call BIM with an ROI (TM) . We create a data model to directly align with the information you require in your business. The data is the “I” in information in your BIM model. The “B” building will be a fully 3D and interactive life-like building you can walk through, view and render from any angle and it can include architectural, structural, MEP, and civil data. The “M” model will include geometry, parameters, visual renderings, and even drawing sheets data and a full BOM (Bill of Materials) index of all your data in a report and schedules.

You have always wanted to implement building information modeling and now is your chance. Save a fortune on software, computers, training and modeling time. Let HingePoint BIM with an ROI take care of all the work for you with a customized, amazing “turn-key” solution. Contact us today to learn how we can save you time and money.

Why Choose HingePoint for BIM Services


Our unique process is a value creation process, transforming complexities into simplicities, creating multipliers to grow your business.


Our experts underwrite the ROI of your project. Meeting your objectives and achieving your results are literally guaranteed in writing.


As experts in large-scale systems, software development and systems integration, we are passionate about enterprise projects that transform business.


Leading our clients to visualize bigger futures and motivating them to achieve those futures now. Combining best practices and innovative ideas.

Estimates based directly off BIM brand prototypes are like a dream come true. No more guess work on cost impacts.

Director of Engineering & Estimating
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Speed Design and Development

3D Virtual Prototypes speed up the design and construction phases on projects, with clients often realizing 20% gains project time lines. Improved collaboration, decision making, visualization, and clash detection are benefits proven to reduce costly change orders, delays, and rework. Get started working virtually and working smarter.

3D Model of Large Commercial Building

Renderings and Visualization

Architectural prototypes built using BIM models allow you to make photorealistic renderings and validate design selections. Help sell projects, get approvals faster, and market your ideas. Clients and permitting officials make decisions faster with 3D models and visuals. For instance, the image to the left is a sample rendering of an interior restaurant project.

3d render of a restaurant interior

Efficiency, Productivity, and Profit

Align building information modeling data with your upstream and down stream workflow and other business systems will streamline processes including Bill of Materials (BOM), Reporting, Estimating, Procurement, Specifications and Construction Documents. BIM models can be used to power and feed any process. Drive efficiency, productivity and profit in your business today. BIM with ROI™.

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