Buzzsaw Autodesk has never been customized as it has from HingePoint. We are global leaders in Buzzsaw software enhancements and customization. Many Project Point Buzzsaw customers love Buzzsaw for file sharing across design and construction projects. However, the Buzzsaw user enrollment and interface is hard to optimize for the business user experience. Well, not any more.HingePoint has pioneered a suite of Buzzsaw Upgrades that you may not even know was possible.

Buzzsaw Upgrades

  1. Design user groups to optimize security AND the user experience.
  2. Create website interfaces inside of Buzzsaw to improve the user experience and provide nice branded content and quick links inside of Buzzsaw folders.
  3. Build Website on top of Buzzsaw so they have a total custom interface, but the users are really on Buzzsaw while they are on the website. Incredible!
  4. Buzzsaw Mobile – create apps that access Buzzsaw for a mobile enterprise, but you don’t have to use the standard Autodesk Buzzsaw app.
  5. Buzzsaw Enrollment Forms – create Custom Web Forms and Project Portals where users enroll and sign in to Buzzsaw, instead of going to Project Point Buzzsaw.
  6. Automate User Enrollment – we can automate the process of a new user requesting access, creating their account, and assigning them to a user group. Yes, really we can!
  7. Search Buzzsaw with Google Earth! Look at your projects in Buzzsaw, but use Google Earth to search and navigate your Buzzsaw folders and files. Yep, we were the first company in North America to launch a custom Google Earth solution and the first to use it for searching Buzzsaw.
  8. Sync Buzzsaw with SharePoint, Tririga, and many other enterprise systems, automatically and seamlessly to the user.

Our Buzzsaw Unique Process

If you need new ideas on how to enhance your use of Buzzsaw please contact us. We have a Buzzsaw Proven Process that we follow that will get the most out of a Buzzsaw platform every time.

Process Steps

  1. Review your Buzzsaw solution architecture and systems design, folder structure, group permissions, and policies
  2. Recommend Road Map – upgrades, enhancements, and simple optimization techniques to improve your ROI on Buzzsaw and usability
  3. Capture your vision on a better way to use Buzzsaw – align the systems to your business workflow
  4. Re-architect a new Buzzsaw platform that is set up right, the first time, and make your users happy, reduce costs, and improve the ROI
  5. Train your team on the new solution so they can operate if efficiently without the need for our help. This extends the life and usability of the platform.

Contact HingePoint today for Autodesk Buzzsaw enhancements.