Fieldlens, a communication platform for construction crews that is like Facebook, urges workers to ditch the notepad and go digital.

Fieldlens wants general contractors to use the social-media-sharing platform to document every conversation, assignments and decisions on the job site. With Fieldlens you can immediately capture photos and videos of punchlist items and assign them in real-time as you walk the job.

“Imagine you had a Facebook feed for your project. And instead of just posting comments and photos…. it’s that plus actionability,” said Julian Clayton, chief customer officer at Fieldlens. “I can assign tasks to people in those posts and put due dates in there.”

With Fieldlens you can:

  • Sync your project users, companies, types and locations to Fieldlens.
  • Capture everything on-site and connect everyone in real-time.
  • Automatically feed the firehose of information to your Procore project.

“It’s the easiest way to capture everything on site and assign any issue to the right person on your team,” Clayton said.

Fieldlens, which was one of several sponsors at Procore’s annual conference, is able to integrate with Procore.

Fieldlens projects can connect to Procore to sync project users, companies, types and locations. It can automatically send information created in the field through Fieldlens into Procore’s observation module.

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