busybusy wants to be the go-to, time-tracking application for the mobile, construction workforce.

With cost codes, photo updates with notes and location-based time tracking, busybusy wants management to have up-to-date information about work in the field and the cost and time projects are taking.

“We help ensure the office knows that their employees are meeting the business plan that they already approved,” said Aubrey Barlow, account development manager at busybusy. “Employees in the field can grab the project that they are working on and the cost codes and track time to it so the office can tell how many hours they have done on each project.”

busybusy was a sponsor of Procore’s 2017 annual conference. (Read more here to learn about what Procore announced at their keynote.)

busybusy integrates with Procore in the hopes of simplifying time card data and budgets. busybusy data syncs with Procore campaigns by pushing new busybusy data and pulling existing Procore project data. Teams can clock directly into Procore projects and see real-time budget reports in the busybusy app.

“We are a mobile time tracking app so we allow employees out in the field to clock in, grab their GPS location, and send their information right back into the office.”

Employees can add photos and notes to their timecards and the projects. Images are viewable from all devices.

“Overall it’s going to give the office more insight into what’s going on in the field,” Barlow said.

busybusy also has a report section that gives information needed to ensure the business is profitable. See past job cost and budget so businesses can accurately forecast the next job.

“You can look at your budgets,” Barlow said. “Management can see the job costing and see where they are within their budget.”

busybusy’s mission is to provide businesses sufficient information to make profitable decisions by simplifying time tracking, GPS labor tracking, job costing, and photo documentation. busybusy currently employs more than 50 people in the greater Saint George area and is a leader in software solutions for the construction industry.

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