Argus Conference, Arizona, April 26 – 28, 2017

The leading provider of software solutions for the commercial real estate industry, ARGUS held their annual education conference to provide insights on global market trends, strategies to managing data and performance, and the latest developments in CRE technology and innovation.

HingePoint attended to get certified on the new ARGUS Enterprise platform, which is the industry standard for many of our clients in real estate. And in construction and development, those projects are part of the bigger real estate pro forma and plan created by ARGUS. Critical to any real estate or construction business is maximizing the data and analytics from ARGUS and the suite of ARGUS and Altus Analytics products.

If you missed the conference, here are the highlights and best elements this year.

1. CEO Bob Courteau – This was not your standard keynote by the CEO. Courteau laid out the plan of how ARGUS suite of tools will provide the data and analytics to help real estate business compete now and into the future. Staying on top of all the technology trends sweeping the business world, Courteau is no “old school” developer. Argus will keep you on top of the best tools to grow and run a profitable real estate business intelligently with data.

2. Peter Hinssen –As a keynote, Hinssen makes a compelling argument that you must not focus on today, or tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow, to know what technology trends will rock the real estate industry in the near future. Will drones, autonomous vehicles, mobile, analytics, robotics, data, and smart buildings affect the way you do business or the types of facilities the world needs in the future? He speaks of many technologies from our AEC 4.0 Industry Report. I’m going to read his book , which will be published June 22, 2017.

3. Sean Gourly –As a keynote, Gourly proposed that humans plus computers are better. Computers are better than humans at some things, but humans are better at others; better than a computer by itself or a human by itself is a team of computers plus humans. For example, weather prediction accuracy over time shows people plus computers are 16% more accurate than just computers, at every level of computing power. Gourly’s book recommendations on data analysis: Nate Silver – The Signal and the Noise; Pedro Domingos – The Master Algorithm, Leonard Mlodinow – The Drunkard’s Walk.

4. Waypoint – Waypoint had the best new product at Argus Connect. Waypoint offers a breakthrough collaborative tool that enables asset and property managers to more easily identify opportunities for NOI improvement. Designed exclusively for the Commercial Real Estate industry – the unique Waypoint application drives operating expense reductions that improve building performance, increase property values, and enhance investor returns. So many people guess at the industry averages for their pro forma planning. But with WayPoint, you get real data! For more details, watch this video: Waypoint Overview.

5. NOI Strategies, Tama Huang – Huang had some amazing comments on the panel discussion. What ever they are teaching is right! Tune in to NOI Strategies. NOI Strategies is a global consulting firm that is committed to helping real estate organizations achieve operational excellence.

6. ARGUS Enterprise Certification – while most software training is like pulling teeth, this training was incredible. The best training our team has been through. Amazing instructors, great training materials, hands-on computer based exercises and case studies. First class! Can’t want to have our team certified on 11.6.

Next year is back to Florida, so stay tuned! On the beach, you can’t beat the atmosphere and location of this conference. You could consider attending just for the location alone.

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