On June 30th, 2017, ARGUS will officially stop supporting its Valuation DCF product. Instead of Valuation DCF, ARGUS is now encouraging its customers to use ARGUS Enterprise (AE), its flagship software product, which has become an industry standard for property valuation and real estate asset management.

Since we do ARGUS consulting and development, we created this list of the most important things to know about this.

Here are the top 9 things to know about moving from ARGUS DCF to ARGUS Enterprise:

1. After June 30th, 2017, all technical support for ARGUS Valuation DCF will end including telephone, e-mail and live chat support, as well as installation support, knowledgebase resources, and product updates and patches. As of December 31, 2015, the company has already discontinued sale of new licenses and public training for DCF.

2. ARGUS Enterprise will most likely prove a more effective solution in the long run. Current DCF users may be uneasy about the transition, but once they have made the switch, they will find that ARGUS Enterprise has all of the same functionality and more. The most recent version of AE has several DCF-inspired improvements to make the transition easier than ever.

3. There is a learning curve when moving from DCF to AE. AE is a bigger program with more functionality, and so takes time to re-learn.

4. ARGUS provides many resources to help the transition to AE. Transition guides, information on file conversion, how-to videos, and free webinars and learning events all help ease the process.

5. ARGUS Enterprise is already widely used in the industry, with a majority of space in the Office (95%), Industrial (88%), and Retail (63%) sectors managed by firms using AE. In addition, all major brokerage firms and 70% of the top 50 largest Real Estate Private Equity firms have and use AE.

6. Until June 30th, ARGUS is providing transitioning customers with Transition Keys which allow access to both DCF and ARGUS Enterprise. Transitioning customers will also receive a discount on AE licenses for DCF licenses that they own and maintain.

7. Customers with perpetual licenses for DCF will still be able to use it after the June 30th cutoff unsupported. However, this is not recommended. To complete late stage deals which are already using DCF, ARGUS is also offering AE customers with Transition Keys a limited number of restricted access licenses through the end of 2017.

8. ARGUS users need to be aware of the transition status not only of their own firm, but of everyone involved in their current deals. This includes lenders, investors, brokers, and intermediaries. The transition could cause unexpected slowdowns, but once everyone is on AE, work pace should improve as everyone will be working from the same file.

9. Some DCF users may prefer to skip the desktop version of ARGUS Enterprise and move to ARGUS’s new cloud-based platform, ARGUS On Demand. ARGUS On Demand is a hosted, subscription-based solution which offers ARGUS access through any computer. This may be especially appealing to Mac users, who currently have to use Windows in parallel to run the desktop version.

For more information, see ARGUS’s official webpage about the transition.

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