HingePoint’s CEO, Bryce Finnerty, was recently quoted in the article “Unleashing Document Access to Unlimited Users” on Finnerty gave insight on BIM 360 Docs and how they played a role preventing errors and fostering their client relationships.

In this case, Finnerty was meeting with a client at Starbucks. BIM 360 Docs allowed him to access 3D models to share with his client.

“When we do BIM models for our clients, we deliver them here on mobile apps,” said Finnerty. “While at a Starbucks, I was able to drill down [and] use the tool right there to facilitate a meeting with an important client. This is a very easy way to show off your designs and your work and collaborate on your data.”

Finnerty was able to determine that the source of the problem was the metal fabricator, which veered off course during the project.

“The moral of the story is that while everything was connected to the BIM model, everything was going great,” said Finnerty. “The first person to get disconnected from the BIM model made the first big mistake.”

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