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Salesforce® Simplified for Real Estate and Construction…

Because we’re experts at enterprise architecture and advanced programming, we can take complex integrations and make them easy and simple to use.

We’ve done it time and again by following our repeatable process that gets results.  Remember – Results Guaranteed, Seriously Guaranteed ™

We’re A Certified Salesforce® Developer & Consultant Team

Just upgrading to Salesforce® isn’t enough. Off the shelf, it won’t talk to your accounting software, analytics applications or marketing programs.  Your systems need to work seamlessly together and that takes help from Salesforce experts.

Because we’re in the Salesforce® Development Network, certified as developers & consultants, we know SF inside and have the coding ability to make Salesforce® yours. We provide extensive Salesforce® development services to meet your specific needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your CRM?

Migrating your customer data can be an intimidating task. Your business depends on that info for sales, relationships and customer retention and keeping that vital data on old legacy systems are holding you back.

By upgrading to Salesforce®:

  • You’re no longer responsible for the software IT.
  • All your employees will have access to the data anywhere, anytime.
  • You get upgraded reports that help you sell more.

HingePoint's 3-Step Process

Request a Discovery Meeting

Request a Discovery Meeting

We’ll spend some time learning more about your business and current challenges to determine of there is a fit to perform the in-depth assessment.

Perform the Assessment

Perform the Assessment

We’ll perform a free workshop with your team and do a deep dive into your business and create a road map of solutions with the highest ROI.

Get Your Business Case

Get Your Business Case

We present our findings to your team, laying out the business case and implementation plan to transform your business and get a 4 X ROI or greater.

Request a Meeting
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I didn’t know we could brand and customize Buzzsaw. We just love how it looks now and it is so much easier to use.

Director of Business Systems

These consultants found ways to weave data from many of our tools into one perfectly simple solution we all use every day.

Construction Manager

We prototyped Office365 and compared it to Google Docs for our entire school district across 7 campuses. From teachers to students, online accesses from anywhere. Amazing.

Director of Systems

Packages We Sell

Bronze CRM Workflow - No CRM Needed!-

Bronze CRM Workflow - No CRM Needed!

Silver CRM Drill Down - Documents, Data-

Silver CRM Drill Down - Documents, Data

Platinum Sales to Operations - By Saleforce-

Platinum Sales to Operations - By Saleforce

Only $1,950/mn

Need Salesforce Consulting and Salesforce Development Help? Don’t Wait.

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