Want to get rid of busywork?

Let’s start with the 80/20-Rule.

Your company or boss makes the assumption that you are 80% productive.

Roughly 20% of your time is from meetings and some of the busywork that comes with any job.

If more than 20% of your time is spent on busywork so that you can focus on high-value work….

Then uh-oh…

Houston.. we have a problem.

We need to identify what is blocking you from working on those higher functions.

Or, as I like to say, the work that matters.

Work that matters is the stuff that you SHOULD be working on. It’s the actual deliverable your customer or boss wants from you.

We have hundreds of exercises we take our customers through. We call it an Idea Lab in The HingePoint Way. The first step is identifying the problem.

We want to identify what is blocking you from the work that matters. Below are some general questions that could help you identify this… and identify where you fall on the oversimplified workflow.


Although I cannot take you through the exercises in this blog, we have a few general questions HingePoint looks for when consulting a client.

Are you doing redundant work? Redundant work most often comes in the form of entering data in multiple systems. For example, we had a client that would enter financial data for their portfolio into a PDF and then again into an Excel Spreadsheet.

Do you have to search for data? Do you have all the data to make decisions at your fingertips? Or must you hunt for this data? Why isn’t a device collecting this for you? Why is the data not already stored in one place?

Are you doing the work of a human? Check out our oversimplified workflow post to learn more. Are you doing the work that a device or system should be doing to finish your work?

What do you want? Based on these questions and answers, what do you want technology to do for you? If we were in a perfect work, what would technology do for you?


The ultimate goal is to go to war on anything that blocks you from working on what matters. Once you understand the redundant and busywork that you don’t want to do, you can begin asking, “Okay, so how can technology solve this?




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