Join HingePoint, as we share how architects can leverage technology trends to be successful in today’s AEC industry.

With the fast paced growth of technology spreading throughout the industry, such as BIM and VR, we want to show you what works. The American Institute of Architects Dallas (AIA Dallas) and TEXO present TAP-IN Aug. 4 in Dallas, an event that offers insight to architects on available technology for building design and construction.

Bryce Finnerty, HingePoint’s Chief Solutions Architect, will open TAP-IN to show architects how to use the right kind of technology. Finnerty will also give participants a aadmap to becoming a architect who uses BIM.

Tap-In will outline the big technology trends affecting business and our industry.

Participants will learn practical examples from cloud, mobile, 3D models and BIM to help you plan for and leverage these tools.

A wide variety of firms will be discussing their research, development, collaboration and implementation of technology in a series of short lectures and panel discussions.


Aug. 4, 2016

11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The Laurel

2040 Enchanted Way

Grapevine, TX 76051

You can read the official press release on this event at:

Free Productivity Tools for Event Attendees

Participants at the Tap-In event will also get a free lifetime license for the BOM to Excel Revit Productivity App designed especially for 3D BIM Modelers by the team at HingePoint.

“One of the first steps in working with BIM is getting rid of busy work and working to automate reports that computers can do,” Finnerty said. “That’s why we’re giving away the BOM to Excel App for free.”

This app is designed for Architects, to automate the busy work that consumes valuable time. In the push of a button, and within a minute of downloading the App, the BOM App for Revit will automatically build a BOM, quants and take offs from all your Revit Schedules and Export them to Excel.

Saving hours and hours of scheduling, manual take offs, and formatting Revit data in Excel for clients and colleagues.  Don’t want to wait to until Tap-In to give the Revit BOM to Excel productive app a spin?  No problem, check out the section below to install the free trial now!

Install the BOM to Excel Revit Productivity App

Just click the button below to install the limited time trial version of the app.  Attend the AIA Tap-In event we’ll convert your license to a perpetual license.  Just email and tell us you saw our talk and are part of the Dallas AIA. We will upgrade your license from Trial to Perpetual and you will own this $900 app for life. At no cost to you.

Install the free trial today and you will be well on your way to automating, reporting, estimating, quantities, take offs, at the push of button!


Download the Roadmap to BIM

or participating in the AIA Dallas technology conference, we’d like to give you a roadmap to show the steps needed to create 3D BIM models.

Whether you’re working with paper or already using digital files, you can learn necessary steps to relaunch your company’s processes with new technological capabilities.


Click Here to Download the Roadmap