SharePoint document management has been sold since 2001.

Microsoft responded early to the coming age of data overload. SharePoint was created to manage your documents at your company.

“As I talk with organizations around the world, it is clear they are not coping with the explosion of digital data – and that manifests itself as employees struggle to find and act on the information they need,” Microsft CEO Satya Nadella recently said.

According to Microsoft you can do the following with SharePoint:

  • Store, organize and locate documents.
  • Ensure the consistency of documents.
  • Manage metadata for documents.
  • Help protect documents from unauthorized access or use.
  • Ensure consistent business processes (workflows) for how documents are handled.

We see four other benefits of SharePoint Document Management

1. Security: If you are managing by email, then chances are you’re blasting your company with sensitive information. Management by email is not only cumbersome and ineffective, it’s also not secure. From a security perspective, it’s a lot safer to leave important documents behind a firewall where employees can get it when they need it instead of sending it through email.

2. Single Sign On: SharePoint is also great at giving you access to all the apps you need with one sign on. Instead of continuously signing into different systems and software, SharePoint is your single sign on.

3. Version History: Again… if you’re managing by email, there is a better way. Another thing that SharePoint can really help with is version history. Sometimes in corporate environments, a document will be emailed back and forth and it gets difficult to determine which is the most up to date version. With SharePoint, you can even check out documents, have employees edit, and check them back into SharePoint.

4. Automation: According to Microsoft, a SharePoint workflow is like an automated flowchart that takes a lot of the labor, guesswork, and randomness out of standard work processes. SharePoint can ensure employees have gotten the appropriate approval and take the guesswork out of work.

Quit the Spreadsheet

Use the tools large enterprises use, control your data with SharePoint

Managing Data with SharePoint Will Transform Your Business

Are you managing your entire company from a spreadsheet? How are you going to grow with those document management tools? Does your SharePoint work the way you want it to?

If you properly implement SharePoint, it will transform your company’s productivity. Employees will be more efficient, you’ll have better access to your company’s data, and you’ll be able to better report on key metrics. HingePoint’s custom SharePoint solutions have helped many companies struggling with unorganized data and manual, multi-step processes. Those same customers have transitioned into a more organized, productive organization through automated workflows and easy-to-search information.

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