HingePoint’s BOM to Excel for Revit app was recently reviewed on a blog in France. We translated it below for you. The original story was posted here.

Some interesting Revit applications

The Autodesk App Store offers a lot of useful Revit applications. In this article I will list all the applications that I have found useful and will indicate why.


The first application that caught my attention is the implementation parameter explorer Hot Gear Project, which offers nice features in terms of handling the elements parameters. This application will allow you to filter your selections based on elements of settings and change the element parameters filtered group. Two very interesting operations are possible with this application, it is particularly intercommunication between this application and excel, especially the visualization of your project by coloring the surface of the elements according to parameters.

Look at the example below Example quite telling.

This application will allow first filter and select items by choosing to handle their instance parameter or type parameter: the field can increase on Revit. Other features are offered by this application, including the handling of join between walls and all the functions that used to group sets of elements.

To discover!



The app store Autodesk offers a number of interesting applications that extend the capabilities of Revit. I suggest you find one developed by Bimcoder, which are quite helpful and make the use of REVIT easier in some aspects.

There is first the application Auto Floors Builder, which automatically generate tiles and flooring by taking limits as beams and columns. It’s a pretty useful application and not save some time for the representation of floors at different levels.

Bimcoder also developed an application that meets all the right features for intercommunication between REVIT and Excel, it is the application: ScheduleSync Pro. As the name suggests, the nomenclature are exploitable with this application in Excel.

Another useful application is Curtain Modeler, this application makes the implementation of curtain wall much more intuitive.

Two Application for REVIT MEP exist and have some utility, first Align Duct, and allows on relives map align the pipe without much effort from their oubien axis relative to their external generator, and on the other hand the application auto-insulation creator, which enables to apply to pipelines of fast and mass insulation sheaths.

A last application that is called switch next order which is quite useful for defining forms of connection, especially between pole / beam / slab.

In addition to the applications developed within the app store Autodesk, bimcoder demonstrate detailed understanding of specific development Revit, and work of reference clients.

To discover applications, visit the site app store Autodesk their section.



Here is an application developed by HingePoint, an expert company in Bim Texas-based, technically sound and very promising in terms of customers it already has! Hingepoint which are authorized Autodesk developers, developed a super BOM Application to EXCEL

BOM to Excel is an application that will automatically create material lists from your Revit models and exports and formats BOMs reports, estimates and statements of quantities to Excel. Finally, you can add cost parameters in Revit and get estimates and quotes, snapshots and costs.

BOM to Excel is full of small features that allow you to operate both powerful and Excel like grouping paintings by elements of property. BOM to Excel is advisable, and HingePoint have a future. To download BOM to Excel, we must go to the application page on the app store.



Revision Cloud Manager is a great application to generate a chart the history list of changes that have been identified by revision clouds.

Better than that, it can manage in a table the review comments.

This is an application to put order in your revision history. This application allows you to therefore create a schedule that is not natively offered on Revit and especially the export to excel.

DZ studio also offers other applications as “User Editing History” which allows for example to be able to list the history of your operations. This application allows also to perform such operations filtering on your history.

On the space for DZ studio on the app store Revit you will be able to download test versions and also offers free applications such application “End User Wizard”.

DZ Studio applications are the work of a designer architecture, a high sensitivity to architectural formal language and polymorphisms.


WebGL-Publisher Export for Autodesk® Revit®

This is a tool that allows you to export your model REVIT to view it with any compatible browser WebGL, without additional software installation.

The result is stunning, because it allows you to navigate your model in a web browser like firefox.

Export will include:

visible categories of the active 3D-View or the selected entity

Solids, meshes, lines, polylines and geometric bodies inside the cutting area

Export creates a file mpm (WebGL-Publisher Model) and an html file that displays the exported model.

The tool is developed by German specialists top flight cad and webgl: CADMAI Software GmbH.

Their applications are available on the app store REVIT their dedicated page.


Xinaps Financial Simulator

Xinaps Financial Simulator ™ is a plugin for Revit which as its name suggests allows you to generate a financial approach to your project, you will among other things:

  • Assigning costs to the elements of your models.
  • Create global costs such as rental rates.
  • Generate a notion of performance such as the ratio of cost of construction and sale price.
  • Establish performance tables.

Are in this application adds functionality to Revit mainly on the concepts of construction costs and efficiency. It is a subscription.

The interface is user friendly and presents visually speaking graphs.

You can find it on the website of the app store of Autodesk.



Omnia REVIT is the name under which Thorbjorn Hoverberg publishes REVIT applications.

Thorbjorn Hoverberg is an architect / Swedish engineer who has developed successful applications of 3 REVIT is also Certified Professional Revit 2013/2014 and 2015.

Thorbjorn is recognized in the REVIT community for his strong skills not only on but also REVIT Dynamo Vasari Lumion, Sketchup .Net C #, PHP, HTML, SQL, 680×0 / 6502ASM Windows, Linux, and Cats

The 3 applications Scope Box Purge, Scope Box synchronizer and Scope Box Reorder.

They are available on the app store REVIT.

Scope Box Synchronizer: This is an application that lets you import definition of areas selected from a Revit project linked to your project, and to compare these areas with those you have in your project. . Similar to the functionality integrated Copy / Monitor, but in areas of definition link revives.

Scope Box Reorder: After creating defining areas this application allows to schedule the selectionnées instances. You will have the opportunity you will have the opportunity through pop define scheduling menu (alphabetical, numerical etc …). Here is a tutorial about this application.

Scope Box Purge: Finally in the proposed trio, an application to remove the areas of definitions that will not be used.



Printing on REVIT is even easier thanks to QUICK PRINT AVATAR developed by BIM, BIM superb specialist team based at the 4 corners of the world!

This application allows you to print views without using the sheet layout, and can record the default print settings.

The functionality offered by this application are simple and high efficiency:

– Printing in 1 click.

– Printing schedules.

– Customize printing parameters.

– File suits to print.

While printing capabilities are natively on REVIT proposed well, this application increases the ergonomics of the print, or the point you can really print in 1 click.

This application is present in the app store saw.

Moreover AVATAR BIM are recognized as BIM experts, and among their clients they even companies with strong competence BIM.


Where is that file – x64

This application is a useful tool to prevent you from spending much time searching for files REVIT.

This app allows you with one click to list all extension .rvt file, then choose the one you want.

Nothing like a video explanation of this application.

Here is the link to the application on the app store Autodesk.

The original story was posted here, http://www.structalis.fr/single-post/2016/10/09/Quelques-applications-Revit-intéressantes