If you’re still manually making Bill of Materials (BOM) reports, you’re missing a huge opportunity to save time with the right technology.

HingePoint recently worked with a head architect of a large real estate firm.

He literally never got to see the sun while planning a new building.

The reason? Because he had to create Bill of Material reports for the CFO… and the head architect would stay in the office until midnight manually creating these reports.

He didn’t see the sun for months.

The CFO would ask for estimates of the floor plate for a massive building.

The client wanted it to be 15-feetwider. Then 10-feet wider. Then five-feet wider.

Just making the floor plate five percent bigger on a large building can cause a 10 percent increase in construction costs. On a $100 million project—which the architect was working on—that is a $10 million increase.

So the architect—every night would manually create material takeoffs, and try to show how to make the building bigger without increasing costs.

What can he cut while keeping the same quality?

But more importantly, how can this guy have a family life? How does he go to happy hour? How does he sleep?

And the answer is he can have a life if he just uses the right technology.


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You can stop wasting hours manually creating BOM reports from Revit just like this architect.

Spend more time working on what matters.

  • Use our app to automatically create material lists from your Revit models.
  • Immediately export BOMs, reports, estimates and quantity takeoffs
  • Add cost parameters in Revit and get instant cost estimates and quotes directly from the source.

Our app will save you hundreds of hours in Autodesk® Revit® BOM data analysis, reporting and quantity estimation.

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Instantly and automatically add up your quantity takeoffs

  • Instantly get room square footage
  • Instantly get rooms by floors
  • Automatically calculate all quantities
  • Add up linear feet to MEP materials
  • Add up floor plate square footage

Download the HingePoint BOM to Excel App and try it for free for 30 days.

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