2017 was an amazing year at HingePoint, LLC, with record growth and record profits.

So, everything is great, right? As CEO I must be satisfied, right?

The fact is, I’m not satisfied. And I must confess that I’m not content on many days because our mission is not complete.

HingePoint’s mission statement is: “to be the best in Texas at providing cloud and mobile solutions to the construction and commercial real estate industry that employees love.”

So, I realized, satisfaction isn’t the goal at all! I had it all wrong. It isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

But then I realized (with a little help from a great sermon I heard on New Year’s Eve) that I am grateful, extremely grateful, for all those that have journeyed along with me over the years. I want to publicly thank them and tell you who they are. They’re all too humble to take this credit themselves, so I’m going to give them the credit they deserve.
Here is my list of who I’m grateful for:

  1. My mentor at CEO Institute, Lane Kramer, who runs a peer mentoring group for Christian CEOs helped me see the truth in life: the real secret to success is to be aware of and grateful for all you have. And I have so much! My #1 goal in 2018 is to be grateful for the tests and trials, for we know that is how we grow. At HingePoint, our Purpose is: “to transform and grow people so that they can reach their full potential and make life better.” Thanks to Lane for helping me grow… and he has certainly made my life better.
  2. Family – my wife and 3 daughters. Without them, I’d be a grumpy old man with no life! Thanks for the greatest satisfaction in life being your husband, Lisa, and your father, Tess, Brooke, and Lauren.
  3. Pastor Dennis Tollison is in my small group at church. He is wise and prays for HingePoint and our team all the time. We have gone on over 10 international mission trips together over the years, and they are some of the biggest highlights of my life. Thanks Dennis for helping me find my purpose.
  4. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO Dallas) – for the structure and teaching of powerful business tools that have helped HingePoint grow. Specifically, to Alex Vantarakis of the Vant Group and Tim Danley who have been my EO mentors. Also, to my EO forum group (remaining anonymous, but you know who you are)! Thanks for welcoming me into your lives.
  5. BizOwnerEdJay Rodgers and all the mentors that have helped me, like David Hammer, Fergus Reynolds, and Tom Niesen. They are teaching me how to be a serial entrepreneur and help others by creating jobs!
  6. Boldmore Growth PartnersWade Myers and Gene Blanton for helping grow HingePoint with their wisdom and experience so we can reach our full potential and serve God in the process!
  7. My key leaders at HingePointBrendan Desjardins, Jacob Steele, Dylan Seelie, Brad, Ed, Kevin, Carl and Sadiq – I believe in you! Thanks for all you do for our clients and the sacrifices you make for HingePoint.
  8. Those that influenced us and gave us your knowledge, like Jack Stack and the Great Game of Business (GGOB), Paul Akers of 2 Second Lean, Vern Harnish of the Rockefeller Habits, and Author Jim Collins, whose book Good to Great is our rallying call for leaders that want to win! Also, Mark Winters and his Traction framework we borrow from, Culture Index and the leaders Jason Williford and Mark Bowlin that help us get the right people on the bus! And, Rick Betenbough and Kingdom at Work for authentic leadership that loves people.
  9. Disciple Maker, Dick Casper – Thanks for investing in me all this time and never giving up on me. For modeling leadership, how to build others up (never yourself), and sharing the truth and love of Christ always. My children at a young age couldn’t remember your name, but you know what they called you? “The God man” and “…he’s the one that loves us”. That says it all! Love overflows from you to the world and we are so grateful for you.

Will there be many trials and challenges ahead? Yes, I’m sure there will be many. But no matter what challenges lie ahead, I know they are meant for good and are there to help us all grow.

I’m thankful for that.

Bryce Finnerty
HingePoint, CEO and Founder

About HingePoint, LLC

HingePoint offers cloud and mobile applications for construction and real estate that are easy to adopt and employees love. Specializing in the systems that run the construction and real estate business including SharePointSalesforceProcoreMS Dynamics, and Autodesk. Scale and grow profitably with Financial and Project Management Dashboards, document management, and workflow automation for field to office collaboration.

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