When finding a Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution, there’s a big difference between off-the-shelf solutions and the HingePoint Way, which tailors a solution to fit your business.

The first is often the approach of an information-technology company. They install the hottest software for you. They don’t help you customize it and they really won’t try to determine if it is the best solution for you.

You need a consultant of you want help finding the best solution, not an information technology expert. IT professionals are there for one reason. To get something uploaded to the servers and get out.

There is an ocean of difference between what IT professionals do and what we do.

We offer The HingePoint Way

The HingePoint Way transforms the multiple software, platforms, and paper-based systems so you can access the information you want on one screen.

It’s the difference between being in the AEC industry and asking someone to install SharePoint in your office vs. someone ensuring SharePoint is going to work best for you, share best practices, set it up and then train you how to use it.

Below is our process. It is the main thing that differentiates us from an IT company.

BIM with ROI
  1. Idea Lab — We work with our clients and get the best ideas they have and meld that with best practices and innovative solutions. Our goal to find clarity on what type of functionality our customers really need. We also research all the data and technology to put this system together in an end-to-end process.
  1. Solution fitting phase — We propose several alternative solutions to our customer. Some solutions have tradeoffs and different directions that they can go with this system.
  1. Develop the system — After a choice is made we put our heads down and develop the system.
  1. Test Drive—We bring the system back to our customer and they get to test it.
  1. Revisions
  1. The HingePoint — this is where we launch your solution. This is where you will begin to see a significant change in how your business operates and gets work finished.
  1. Open door policy After launching your solution we will always be here to help you.

More about HingePoint

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HingePoint provides AutoDesk, BIM and Revit consulting & services for the AEC industry with development & integration of AutoDesk products with enterprise systems. As members of the AutoDesk Development Network, we are a trusted partner with over 25 years experience of systems development and integration work in the AEC industry. We support development of Autodesk products including AutoCAD, Revit, M, BIM360 and are experts in integrating with enterprise systems including Salesforce, SharePoint & Office365. Our clients range from top hotel brands and restaurant chains to AEC firms and real estate developers and Facilities Management. We provide BIM with ROI. Results Guaranteed…Literally Guaranteed.