The freemium model is everywhere these days. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google all thrive on it. So do startups.

Freemium is when you give a product away for free and then sell premium products to the customers using your free model. Here’s a great eBook from to learn more.

This business philosophy has been around since the 1980s. However, in the last several years the freemium business model has seeped into other industries.

Some Hingepoint clients are following this model.

The businesses and product manufacturers we work with use 3D BIM models to digitally design physical buildings for large clients. The 3D Models help businesses save time on decisions about materials in their buildings and prevent errors. You can learn more here.

Manufacturers are starting to give these models away for free to drive more sales.

Let’s look at an example
Owens Corning uses the freemium approach with 3D models. They actually have a 3D Product Catalog on the web.

Even though they develop and produce insulation, roofing, and fiberglass materials, they give away 3D models of entire wall systems to help them sell more.

Owens Corning knows that architects and engineers will use their designs for projects. A certain percentage of these prospects will also use and order Owens Corning products as the specification for their job.

Give it Away For Free

You will help the design community by giving away 3D models of your product. Designers, architects and engineers will

reciprocate by buying your product or telling their colleagues about you.

Freemium helps you drive both marketing and sales for your business.

How to get started with Freemium

  1. Convert your Specifications into BIM formats such as Revit 3D models, CAD 3D or IFC models
  2. Drive adoption and intellectual property by embedding your products in the BIM models
  3. Distribute your 3D BIM models to the design community and post online– Execute as part of the company Marketing and Sales strategy
  4. Simulate your product in 3D models to validate performance claims
  5. Continue to build your 3D product catalog
  6. Maintain the catalog to a high quality

If you need help building 3D product catalogs, please contact us. That’s what we do! Here are some great resources from Hingepoing:

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