The latest and hottest technology—like tech that enables BIM and virtual reality—will not be the sole factors that will save your construction or real estate firm time and money.

It’s just not.

Some of us think there is magic software that if implemented will drastically transform business. And honestly, many software shops promise this outcome.

But it simply is not the entire story.

Productivity expert and corporate trainer Maura Thomas said in the Harvard Business Review that technology only enhances a “workflow management process” that already exists.

In other words, you can have the most expensive software, but if you don’t have the processes in place that this new technology supports, then it’s not going to help very much… if at all.

From Thomas’ HBR story:

Productivity, similarly, is also a combination of skill and tools, for both organizations and individuals. Regardless of the software, apps, and gadgets that a company invests in for its employees, those tools aren’t going to make the employees more productive unless they are also taught a solid methodology with which to use those tools.

Soley Standing Up New Software not a Solution

Many companies ask HingePoint if we can simply stand up new software. Some don’t want to be consulted on what problem they are actually trying to solve. Instead, they just want some software the heard about immediately because they think it will solve a lot of busywork.

Often times it just creates more busywork. It’s just another system that is going to infiltrate the workflow.

We recently helped a big real estate firm create financial dashboards so they could make better decisions. We automated their financial reports.

They were spending 80 percent of their time finding information and building financial presentations. They were only spending 20 percent of their time making strategic decisions based on the reports.

We were able to flip this ratio. They spend far less time finding the right data for their reports and they have much more time to analyze the data and make strategic decisions.

Had this company merely bought some software off the shelf and started using it, it would not have had the same result.

The reason?

Because we consulted them. We made sure we understood the root problem and fixed it. And the main problem was that all their financial data was spread across several servers in hundreds of folders.

Not only did we create a financial dashboard, we created the workflow and structure for the data entry. This made all the difference in the world.

Thomas is absolutely right: “A better approach is to focus first on the methodology before the tool itself. When you have the methodology, the requirements for the tool become apparent.”

The HingePoint Way

The HingePoint Way is how we create custom technology solutions for our customers who want to reinvent how they use technology and how they work.This is a critical step when finding the right technology. In the HingePioint Way, we make this part of our process. We call it the Idea Lab.

We work with our clients and get the best ideas they have and meld that with best practices and innovative solutions. Our goal to find clarity on what type of functionality our customers really need. We also research all the data and technology to put this system together in an end-to-end process.



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