The Holy Grail is the cup that Jesus drank from.

Some believe if obtained it gives eternal youth and beauty.

It’s also a great metaphor.

Here’s a few examples from The Washington Post.

  • The Holy Grail of amateur golfers: conquering par.
  • The Holy Grail of the Internet: profitable advertising.
  • The Holy Grail of running: the four-minute mile.

We’d like to add one more to their list.

The Holy Grail for construction and real estate firms: seeing a digital 3D model of a building.

These 3D models show an entire building and all the associated information needed to build, make construction documents and manage the building before moving even a spec of dirt for a new project.

This is what Building Information Modeling (BIM) does for builders, architects, engineers and anyone in construction or real estate. It lets you build an entire digital model of your project and allows others like architects and engineers to collaborate on their plans.

But the Holy Grail is really a state of mind. Here we show you the different walks towards the Holy Grail.

Some people have searched their entire lives for the perfect way to build a structure.

We have at HingePoint. We’ve searched for this Holy Grail, and we ran into several types of people along this journey.



The idealist BIM UserThe idealist
The idealist is more on a quest. It’s a journey while seeking an intangible goal. They seek the most perfect way.

In so doing, to pull a quote from a famous American football coach: “In the pursuit of perfection, we reach excellence.”

Some of these people are academics and are fine with searching for it. They love the pursuit.

This is where HingePoint falls. We are always in pursuit of the best way to make companies better.



The BIM HopefulThe Hopeful

The hopeful grail pursuer believes that ANY solution will work. They often run into many decoys and fake solutions. But they remain steadfast in their hopefulness.

For example, there are a thousand document-management tools. Just because you stand up an off-the-shelf solution does NOT mean it’s going to do what you want it to do. This person picks one and expects it to revolutionize their business. Check our story on why technology alone won’t save you.

Often these hopefuls fall into the next category.



The Regretful BIM user The Regretful

They were once hopeful. They once heard an idealist talk about this perfect union of digital technology and productivity at work.

They just wanted something to make the change. They either got help from the wrong consultant, or they tried to make one themselves. They thought they found a really good solution and they picked a piece of software. And now they are stuck with it and they are ever so resentful and regret their decision.



The Traditionalist BIM UserThe Traditionalist

Then we have the traditionalist. Some are just afraid to go down the road of finding a digital solution. The road of finding the best BIM solution is dangerous and risky, as The Regretful know all too well. The Traditionalists are perfectly content to live without a digital solution and will not pursue one. They would rather stay up until midnight manually creating takeoffs instead of relying on technology.



A Major Transition in AEC

BIM, HingePoint, Industry 4.0

Right now the construction and real estate industry are in a radical transition. Check out our story on Industry 4.0.

We are seeing firms go from 2D paper-based plans to fully digital 3D plans to accomplish projects. We are seeing virtual reality and augmented reality, too.

And just like conquering par as an amateur golfer, accomplishing the Holy Grail of real estate and construction takes a lot of sweat, blood and tears, especially if you are doing it on your own.

Almost all amateur golfers serious enough to break 80 find a swing coach. The same is true when moving to BIM.

Find out more about our BIM Consulting Services so you can be a technological idealist like HingePoint.