Every year during the first week of December in Las Vegas, Autodesk has their largest users conference. HingePoint was on site this year, gathering information from some of the most innovative people at the show.  Check out the video!

In the article that follows, we share some of the best responses from a series of questions regarding the conference itself, or the use of several Autodesk platforms.

Question 1: What Autodesk product or solution are you most optimistic about implementing in the Future?

Matt Wunch, BVH Integrated Services, BIM Manager – “Probably the Revit 360 collaboration. We’ve been asked about it before and it seems like a lot of other companies are starting to adopt it as well.”

Justin Inman, Autodesk Evangelist – “I am most optimistic about Revit. I think Revit is the most stable platform at this stage. It’s interesting to me to tie in big data and the concepts of big data to a program like Revit, and to extract all of the information. A few years ago when I attended AU, they talked about QR codes. I think there is a big opportunity in that area from a Facilities Maintenance prospective. The full life cycle of using the Revit platform.”

Mike Higgins, EMCS Inc., Senior Civil Engineering Technician – “Right now Infraworks 360 seems to have a lot of great capabilities and is very user friendly and easy to learn. The web applications for it are very great being able to take it out and show it to our clients.”

Mark Behrens, Red Viking, Controls Designer/ CAD Manager – “I would like to see us actually get into Inventor. Right now we are using AutoCAD Electrical. I’d like to implement Inventor into our system because I know it’s been expanded so heavily and the two tie together in one common database.”

Question 2: What would you say the theme, or highlight of AU, is this year?

Brett McCarthy, Alvine Engineering, BIM Manager – “I think the theme this year is innovation. I think it’s because we are in an interesting place moving forward. We can create things that are smart and do things for us, that before innovation we couldn’t do. I think that ‘s the big idea, getting people thinking outside of the box.”

Brian Binkley, Gephart Electric, Design Manager – “Probably the technology of tomorrow. That is a recurring theme that I’ve been hearing in many of the classes I have been attending. The technology we are going to be using tomorrow is not necessarily the technology we are using today.”

Darrell Dixon, Apex-Engineering, Mechanical Designer – “This year it seems like they are really trying to develop some generate design. We are letting the computer make some of the decisions you have to go through to speed that process up and make more time for yourself”

Justin Inman, Autodesk Evangelist – “That’s a pretty good one. I think the theme to me, and in the technology industry, is big data and the mining of big data.”

Question 3: What would you say to those who couldn’t attend Autodesk University, and what do they need to know?

Taylor Mason, Hall Aluminum Products, Designer/Project Manager – “I think if you use the products, then you should definitely try to come. It has been pretty cool so far. I am taking a lot of classes this year which might not be the best thing for a first timer. Do not wear dress shoes, there is a lot of walking at the conference. It has been a good experience meeting new people, networking, brainstorming, and talking to others. The goal is to utilize everything the conference has to offer to become more efficient in our day to day tasks.”

Elias Ponce, TD Industries, CAD Layout – “Autodesk University is a must. If you have anything to do with CAD, you have to come. Not only the classes, but the information you learn and people you meet are incredible.”

Brett McCarthy, Alvine Engineering, BIM Manager – “The important thing for anyone who did not attend, would be to get on to the AU website. I even had some colleagues send me emails saying some of the classes were going live this morning. If there isn’t someone from your office who went, I would tap into other professionals in the industry because more than likely, they are willing to help and give you the resources you need. I would network even outside of being here, and make a strong push to get that information.”

Thank you for checking out some of the highlights and best responses from our Interview on Innovation series. Check our blog to explore other interesting tips and tidbits we learned at Autodesk University 2015!