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Do you love Autodesk University (AU) as much as we do? The HingePoint team was present at this year’s AU conference is Las Vegas to launch our new BOM For Excel Revit Autodesk App and meet some of the most interesting innovators on the planet.

The show ran at a break neck pace but in between sessions, we found time to interview 15 conference participants whom we will profile for you throughout the coming months. With so many innovators in one place, we made sure to meet as many as possible to hear how they use Autodesk products, and system integration, to innovate.

It was a superb conference. We hope you didn’t miss it. If you had to miss it… we are sharing the Top 5 List of innovative highlights in what we call, “The Best of AU2015!” (as if we could really boil it down to a short list…but we tried 😉 )

Autodesk University – The Best of AU2015

It was the game changer that Autodesk hoped it would be. Our firm is a member of the Autodesk Developers Network, so we participate in Dev Days and are grateful for our connections inside the company. So…it takes a lot for us to be impressed.

Nevertheless, we admit to being “taken back” several times during the conference over how individuals and companies are using Autodesk products to innovate and literally “change the world”. Game changer, world changer…read our highlights and you tell us.


No1IconimageThe Hive

Think Generative Design + Human Thinking = Innovation

It appears that generative design is hear to stay. This year we saw demonstrations of robots working “safely” collaborating with humans to manufacture and construct a “hive”. Participants were allowed to interact with the robots and watch them immediately stop if they bumped into an object. What is it about robots that are so fascinating to people? This display was particularly captivating because few of us had seen robots “responding” to their elements. It was Boss and as you can imagine, with a room full of engineers, the robot demonstrations were well attended. Learn about the full Hive Project from Autodesk Labs >>

No2conimageBIM360 Docs – The Alexandria Project

The Cloud + AEC + FM = BIM 360 Docs

Finally all three applications working in one platform, are we dreaming?

Autodesk’s new cloud platform is one of a whopping 170 products in the Autodesk portfolio.

Some people will be a tad overwhelmed by all the choices from Autodesk but there are plenty or resources and developers that can assist in selecting the right platforms for your specific needs. No one needs all 170…but get the right product and it can be revolutionary for your firm and transform your business.

To bring clarity to what many of the companies in the AEC industry require, the BIM360 Docs product appeals to those clients who have long been searching for an all-in-one solution.

The new BIM360 Docs platform will integrate (our favorite word) the BIM360 Glue, BIM360 Field, BIM360 Plan, BIM360 Layout and BIM Ops. If you are an early adopter, now is the time to get signed up! Learn more from the Autodesk Press Release on BIM360 Docs.




The Autodesk Apps Store

Did you even know Autodesk App Store?

There is a huge sub community in the Autodesk world that is creating apps to help automate CAD and Revit production tasks. The apps allow users to stop some of the manual and time intensive task greatly enhancing productivity. Most apps you can download with a click and begin enjoying the benefits.

We like that most of the apps come in a multiple versions so you can download for free; a trial version; or the full app.

Why is the app store relevant? Because the Autodesk suite of tools aren’t designed to be: “all things, to all people, in all situations”. Thanks to app developers, if you need a tool to compliment Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Civil3D and others, you’ll likely find an app for it in the store.

The “after market parts” or “apps” for Autodesk is a thriving community of developers making tools that can be a huge benefit to your bottom line and we expect the store to grow with each passing year.

HingePoint just released our own app, BOM To Excel Revit App and it was launched at the AU2015 conference. It’s a productivity app with an enormous amount of features and capabilities. We may have built more functionality than required for an app, but our goal was to radically affect the user’s work stream…it had to be robust to accomplish that goal. Learn more about it here and request a demonstration.



No4iconImageThe AU2015 Keynote

If you have been to a recent AU conference, you recall that the keynote is less of a “talk”… and more of an “event”. Actually it’s more like a rock concert. This year’s keynote did not deviate from the proven formula except it was more like a Rave. There were professional DJs, dancers, laser light shows and even STORM TROUPERS… our pop culture treat for the event!

Carl Bass the Autodesk CEO, (@carlbass) and Jeff Kowalski, CTO Autodesk painted a vivid picture of the future and how Autodesk would play a role in shaping it.


A crowd favorite during the keynotes was Dr. Hugh Herr. MIT Professor. Dr. Herr, who is head of the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group, is building the next generation of bionic limbs. They are robotic prosthetics that are inspired by nature’s own designs. Herr lost both legs in a climbing accident 30 years ago, so his talk was both technical and deeply personal.

He spoke about extreme innovation in the creation of bionic limbs to enable bodies. In addition to working with those missing limbs, he and his team have developed technology that fits on bodies without missing limbs (they have full exoskeleton systems/biological limbs) to enhance performance so greatly, that the wearer feels clunky and inefficient when the supporting system is taken off…the person feels clunky in their own healthy body!!!! For the first time, technology is augmenting healthy exoskeletons to enable them to greatly enhance performance. Herr, the extreme climber, and his team are literally changing the conversation around bionics, prosthetics and exoskeleton performance.

Mind = Blown people.



No5iconImageThe Innovation Forums

The innovation forums are conference favorites for many reasons. The forums are always very professional and well run; they are a continuation of the keynote theme; and feature intelligent, well spoke delightful speakers.

Speakers provide a quick, highly innovative, focused exchange and they shoot for mind blowing. They reference real world companies that use Autodesk tools to create entirely new ways to doing things and, at times, create entirely new industries as a result. These companies are taking new paths and getting previously unrealized results.

When you leave an innovation forum, you have the feeling of hope and promise. It is a motivating experience and you can’t help but be in awe of what people are accomplishing today.

Watch the Innovation Videos below:

Full Video 01:23:56


Despite everything else going on during the conference, HingePoint managed to conduct over 15 Innovation Interviews with attendees. We heard their opinions on where the industry is today and current trends. Not everyone is on the bleeding edge of innovation…some of us are in the trenches solving everyday common problems for the AEC community and will likely never win a massive award or get to speak at an AU event!

It was great to hear from these everyday heroes who are making work easier for people every day and creating new process and changing their companies and clients at the local level.

Learn more and hear from the participants here. If you are doing special work in your space, and want to be interviewed, contactus@hingepoint.com and we’ll get your name in lights!

AU '15-8

At HingePoint we are already looking forward to AU2015! How about you?