Autodesk products are not designed to be as simple as an iPhone app. You need to invest time in learning their capabilities. You must then learn the way your company and clients need you to use them to produce work output such as CAD (computer aided design) drawings, Revit 3D models, BIM models and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) precision.

As you can imagine, it is a big investment for companies to train employees up the learning curve.  To help bridge the gap in quality training, there is a huge demand for free training and resources. If you are eager to learn and don’t have money to invest in further training, here are some resources you may not know about.


Free Autodesk Plug-in Training for Revit, AutoCAD and Inventor Developers

Are you into Revit, AutoCAD or Inventor for your design, engineering, or manufacturing tools? If you are, then you know there are many repetitive tasks in the design, modeling and documentation process. Did you know that you could automate tasks in Autodesk tools with “plug-ins”?

You can even code your own plug-ins, or download some from the Autodesk App Exchange Store. If you think it is a challenge to learn how to use AutoCAD or Revit, it is even harder to program plug-ins for them! Get your IT guys to help you or hire an authorized Autodesk Development Network (AND) member, like HingePoint, to help. Check out this free training on how to create your very own first Revit plugin!

Visit the Autodesk Development Network’s My First Plug In Series for API Development training. API’s are Application Programming Interfaces. They allow you to write code to automate workflows and combine many steps into a “button click”.


Revit Plug-in Training

You can write your own Plug-ins for Revit Architecture, Structures and MEP. Check out these courses that can help you learn how to apply the Revit.NET API and the C# programming language to create your own plug-in.

My First Revit Plug-in Overview

Lesson 1: The Basic Plug-in

Lesson 2: Programming Overview

Lesson 3: A First Look at Code

Lesson 4: Debugging your code

Lesson 5: Simple Selection of a Group

Lesson 6: Working with Room Geometry

Lesson 7: My Final Plug-in

Lesson 8: Learning More


AutoCAD Plug-in Training

Are you more of an AutoCAD or Civil3D user? You can automate tasks with plug-ins in AutoCAD platforms as well! Check out these free training resources to become your very own AutoCAD plugin developer using the AutoCAD .NET Application Programming Interface (API) and the Visual Basic .NET programming language.

My First AutoCAD Plug-in Overview

Lesson 1: The Basic Plug-in

Lesson 2: Getting to Know your Development Environment

Lesson 3: A First Look at Code

Lesson 4: Debugging your code

Lesson 5: Being Selective (no longer available)

Lesson 6: Looping and Persistence (no longer available)

Lesson 7: Learning More

Lesson 8: Bonus Plug-in (no longer available)


Autodesk Inventor Plug-in Training

Are you a product designer, industrial designer or product manufacturer using Autodesk Inventor business? Then you to have access to free training for writing your own Inventor plug-ins using the COM API and the VB .NET language.

My First Inventor Plug-in Overview


Summary: These resources have been curated by our team to give you quick access to some of the more helpful training available online. We have provided a bit of a description for each resource, so you can quickly determine which links to investigate first! Enjoy.


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