Imagine your computer-aided design automatically and seamlessly being manufactured with the help of a machine connected to the Internet, this is true computer aided manufacturing.

Your design will begin “talking” to machines.

Imagine everything is connected by the Internet and cloud. What this means is that a 3D BIM model can “talk” to a manufacturer’s machines.

Design Building Wikis states, “Computers can produce files that translate design information into commands to operate machines, singularly or collectively, to perform preset sequences of tasks in the production of building components.”

In theory, once information about the project is shared, the manufacturer’s machine can automatically start cutting or creating whatever is needed without human interaction.

So a saw can be connected to the Internet and get instruction on what and how to cut materials based on your model.

The following functions can be used in computer-aided manufacturing:

  • Sawing
  • laser cutting
  • flame and plasma cutting
  • bending
  • gluing
  • routing
  • milling

“You’ll be able to have a factory in the cloud,” CEO and Founder of HingePoint Bryce Finnerty said. “That means your model will automatically talk to computers that are connected to machines and start making materials for your projects automatically.”

Note: This article first appeared in our The AEC Industry 4.0 Report.