Hi All!!!  HingePoint is back again with the second installment of the “Best of the Innovation Interviews”.  If you haven’t enjoyed part one yet, click here .

The innovation interviews took place at the Autodesk University 2015 Conference in Las Vegas, and we have some more of the best questions and responses to share with you.  Thank you again to all of the interviewees who graciously participated.


Question 1: How many years have you been coming to AU and how has it changed over the years?

Mike Higgins, EMCS Inc., Senior Civil Engineering Technician – “I’ve been coming since 2010, missed 2011, but been here every year since then.  I guess the big thing that I’ve noticed, there’s been a lot more sessions where their trying to get direct user feedback and are trying to engage the customers.

Another good thing I’ve liked to see is the interactive class room environments that have been coming along in the past couple years where it is more as an open forum as opposed to a stand and present kind of class.”



Mark Behrens, Red Viking, Controls Designer/ CAD Manager – “I’ve been coming here for 6 years and I remember back, the first time I came. The chaos, what they considered registration, etc.

The thing that sticks most in my mind is the fact that I walked in, scanned the QR code on my phone, I was done.  In 5 minutes I had everything I needed instead of an hours wait.”



Justin Inman, Autodesk Evangelist – “I’ve been coming here since 2004 on and off.  To me Autodesk as a company completely changed.  Autodesk has really grown in the entertainment segment quite a bit.  I think they have a new product called “Within” which is more for the medical industry. It is really interesting how the company is branching out and has expanded.”


Matt Wunch, BVH Integrated Services, BIM Manager – “This is going to be my 3rd time here, 1st time presenting.  The biggest change I’ve noticed is the registration, I was in and out in 5 minutes, where as in the past it could take up to an hour.”



Question 2: What is your favorite highlight of autodesk university and why?

 Mark Behrens, Red Viking, Controls Designer/ CAD Manager – “This year is the IOT technology.  I got accepted to the IOT technology session which to me is extremely new. They haven’t even rolled it out yet, something I really enjoy.”



Mike Higgins, EMCS Inc., Senior Civil Engineering Technician – “It was actually one of the open discussion classes I mentioned before.  It was actually put on by the Wisconsin DOT so I really related to it.

It was about the implementation of how Wis DOT is implementing BIM and SIM into their project more and more to get parties to come together and see where issues might occur.”



Question 3: What product or solution are you most optimistic about implementing in the future?

Brett McCarthy, Alvine Engineering, BIM Manager – “The product I am most optimistic about in the future is a product we already implemented, Revit.  I am excited to see where it goes in the future and how we can better utilize it in the future.  We use it for about 90% of our projects.  We are in the business of consulting, so having something that can be visually displayed to them is very helpful.”



Elias Ponce, TD Industries, CAD Layout – “I think a lot of the reality capture stuff.  As cool as it is, I see a lot of the benefits, but it is a really scary thing for new industries.”


Brian Binkley, Gephart Electric, Design Manager – “It’s got to be Revit.  We are already using it right now, but we are just scratching the surface on what we can do with it.

The thing I am most interested about is gathering all of the data and pulling it out of Revit.  This will allow us to be more efficient and make our jobs easier.”



Question 4: What is something you did not know before coming to AU this year?

 Elias Ponce, TD Industries, CAD Layout – “I think the networking is the thing that kind of surprised me a lot.  In the CAD world a lot of the guys do not want to share their secret sauce.

Networking with a lot of different people here showed that a lot of people here are willing to share a lot of information that you would not ask for outside of AU.”



Question 5: Do you have a favorite speaker at the conference?

 Brian Binkley, Gephart Electric, Design Manager – “Yeah, two speakers.  The first speaker is Sunny Watts, she gave a fantastic presentation about the electrical field on Monday in our MEP pre fabrication forum.  The other speaker that probably everyone talks about is Marcello Sgambelluri.  He just did a fantastic presentation that I attended on Dynamo.”



Darrell Dixon, Apex-Engineering, Mechanical Designer – “I really like Joel Harris.  He taught a class on creating specs with unbreakable workflows.  This is a real problem with that software trying to make everything work smoothly.  He is very knowledgeable and entertaining.”



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