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Position – QA Testing Analyst

-Are you a hard-working, priority driven individual that enjoys working in a structured environment?

-Do you like systematically, methodically, and efficiently working through a list of tasks?

-Do you like getting your hands dirty in new software while weeding out defects?

If so, as a QA Testing Analyst at HingePoint, you will play a critical role working behind-the-scenes in a predictable and consistent environment.  This position will be filled by someone who enjoys supporting a team by doing methodical work that is necessary to ensure our client’s satisfaction of the software we develop.  You will tear through our systems to find defects and verify that our solution meets the standards of our project’s requirements.

This role demands intense focus and a motivation to perfect a process and carry out your assigned tasks with speed and accuracy.  Your sharp mind, critical assessments, and strict, task-oriented workflow will help add value to HingePoint and our clients daily.

Specifically, you will be responsible for:

  • Helping with application testing project planning, sprint planning and task planning
  • Estimating level of effort for testing and QA Agile tasks
  • Testing SharePoint, Office365, Exchange, Salesforce, and Web Applications functionality and security
  • Testing screens, views, sites, site collections, and document libraries
  • Defining use cases, stories and test cases that prove requirements are complete
  • Assessing technical feasibility of requirements and technical prototypes through testing
  • Verifying functionality and data are working as designed
  • Creating technical documentation and user guides to explain detailed successful test results
  • Logging defects, issues, prioritization of defects, retesting fixes, and closing defects
  • Collaborating in team workshops and deliverables
  • Task-oriented, follow up and details related to systems development
  • Creating test scripts and scenarios for all browsers and operating systems and mobile
  • Testing custom designs, web parts, visual styles, and custom workflows
  • Testing enterprise search for documents and data
  • Testing integrations of SharePoint with Exchange, Office365, MS Dynamics, and Active Directory
  • Testing custom dashboards and data views
  • Testing and validating SharePoint installation on SQL Server and on Sharepoint farms
  • Carrying out upgrades from SP2010, 2013, and 2016
  • Participating in client meetings with technical staff on testing and deployments
  • Utilizing agile scrum and lean development methods.
  • Managing code, content and data deployments across Development, Test and Production environments
  • Managing Code versions and ensuring structure and discipline around code builds and stable, tested software releases

This will be a rewarding place to work for the right QA Testing Analyst who wants to impact a very rapidly growing company with huge potential.  And this support role will be critical to making that happen.  We are a values-driven, no-politics company focused on outcomes, not effort.  And we understand balance, flexibility and being rewarded and appreciated for a job well done.

If this is you, Click apply below. Please fill out the survey first.  Someone just looking for a job and not a place to land need not apply.

  • Flexibility – the ability to work remote from home
  • No Timesheets
  • Healthcare benefits, and time off where you really rest
  • Bonus eligible for hitting stretch goals
  • Full time position, part time option may be considered for the right person

To apply for this job please visit