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Looking for expert advice and insights on how to get the most out of your systems?  Here at HingePoint, we believe your systems should work for you and that journey starts with learning best practices on how to integrate and leverage your systems. We’ve pulled together some great content from our top experts, check out our free eBooks below.

Secret Key to Systems Integration

Download our free eBook “The Secret Key to Systems Integration” to learn how to leverage your System of Record to integrate all your critical systems.


Data Management for Your Business

Read our online, free e-book “Data Management for Your Business” to learn the fundamentals of data management.


AEC Industry 4.0 Report

Download our free e-book “AEC Industry 4.0 Report” to learn where the AEC sector is headed & how Autodesk is taking us there.

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Autodesk Industry Report

Read our free, web-based eBook “Autodesk Industry Report.” It’s the ultimate guide to free Autodesk industry resources including forums, developer blogs, training resources and much more!

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Content is King for Revit Families and 3D Modeling

Download our free eBook “Content is King” to learn how to optimize 3D modeling and Revit content management through the use of Revit Families and Libraries.

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How to Build Revit Content Family Libraries

Download our free eBook “How to Build Revit Content Family Libraries” to learn how Revit Content Family Libraries are the key to effective Revit deployment.

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HingePoint’s Roadmap to Create Your Own BIM Model

We want to offer the AEC Industry a roadmap that shows specific steps to launch a full 3D BIM model. To truly use BIM software, you need to stop relying on paper. If you still have a lot paperwork in your workflow, you’re missing huge opportunities to be more efficient.

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