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06. Windows Service Installation


Software and hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements:

Component Requirement
CPU 64-bit 1.4-GHz 2-core processor or better
Local Storage Hard disk: 40 GB free space
Network card High-speed Internet connection

Service support OS from list below:

  • Windows Server 2012/2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows 10

Note: Machine must have access to Internet.


Service Installation

Note: Service will automatically start after installation and have an Automatic startup type. It means that service will be automatically started after restarting of computer.

Note: Please close all Browser windows prior to installation.

If service will not start or you have errors during the installation, please contact .

1.  Download installation package using link from below:

2. Run downloaded package and Select Install.

3. Select Next:

4. Specify our name and company name and select Next:

5. Installation wizard will generate unique key but you can specify any strong key.

Note: Please save this key to secure storage because this key will not be display in future.

6. Select Next:

7. Select folder for installation:

Note: We recommended to use default directory from wizard:

8. Select folder for sync:

9. Select Next:

10. Select Install:

11. To complete the installation process login to HingePoint Sync portal. Login page should open automatically:

12. Enter Microsoft 365 credentials for the account that member of HingePoint Sync users:

13. Back to installation wizard and select Finish:

14. Configure integration and connections for sync in the HingePoint Sync Management Portal.


Create Windows integration in HingePoint Sync Management Portal

1. Open management portal

2. Select Integrations in navigation:

3. Select create New:

4. Fill Name of integration. Select System Type-Windows and put Key from Installation topic:

5. Select Save:


Create Windows connection in HingePoint Sync Management Portal

1. Open management portal

2. Select Home in navigation:

3. Select Create New:

4. Fill Name and select Add More Connections:

5. Configure two connections for SharePoint and Procore (integrations for SharePoint and Procore should be configured) locations. For each connection select Windows connection that created in the previous topic from the drop-down menu, fill path to the directory that should be synced:

6. Select Save


Start the Sync from Management Portal

Note: Project Status page will be automatically open after connection creation. Use steps from below in case of delay start. If you want to start sync immediately use only step 4.

1. Open management portal

2. Go to Homepage:

3. Select connection that was created in the previous topic:

4. Select Master File Location and start the sync:

5. Initial Sync completed and online sync activated:

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