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02. FAQ’s


2 Way Sync – do the files sync in both directions?
Yes! Files or Folders that are Created, Updated, or Deleted, or Restored from Recycle Bin in one systems are mirrored exactly in the other system. It goes both ways.


1 Way Sync – can you do a 1 Way Sync?
No, not currently, there is no feature to do only a one way sync. However, you can accomplish this by making one system Read Only, so nobody and update or edit files in that system, thus, only 1 Way is the result.


How Fast is the Sync? When a file is created or added in either Procore or SharePoint, how long should we expect the change to reflect in both systems?
[ 5-10 seconds if the queue isn’t in a backlog]


When a file is changed in either Procore or SharePoint, how long should we expect the change to reflect in both systems?
[5-10 seconds]


What is the Maximum file size to Sync?
Maximum file size must be less than or equal to 1024 MiB which is 1.024 GB. If uploaded a file more than 1024 MiB, application will throw an error message “The file size is too big, the max size is 1024 Mib” in the Connection Logs for Windows/Procore/SharePoint along with the path the file is uploaded.


Initial Sync

Is it best practice to always do initial sync at night? Will an initial sync impact the sync of other projects?
[yes, because the heavy load the first sync/index may use up your Procore API calls and you get throttled, then the users might see a delay in the sync. All requests are put into the same API queue]


What is a Throttle Limit?
Both Procore and Microsoft limit or “throttle” the volume of API calls to their systems to ensure performance and integrity of the system. So if we exceed the API Limit of Procore (defaulting to 3600 API calls per hour), we will get throttled. The limit resets every hour and you get an additional 3600 API calls)


What if 2 people edit the same file at the same time, one is in SharePoint and One is in Procore?
It will make a copy of the file named “filename-copy” so you don’t overwrite each others work. Recommendation. Edit files on the Microsoft tools in SharePoint or Teams where multiple authors works very well, and minimize editing files from Procore.

If you are wondering if things take a little time, I was on a call today doing a real time set up and a test file took 19 minutes to go from SharePoint to procore. Typically it is near instantaneous. But Microsoft may have latency. I’ve seen flows take up to 20 minutes to run, others run instantly. I’ve seen email delayed. Adding users to Active Directory and they aren’t available for up to 24 hours! But other than the “normal” latency, our service is pretty snappy. Almost instantaneous unless you are throttled.

Band Width – some big files take time, just like uploading any big file. So our service is “snappy” but the file may be big and take time to mirror over due to file size. Small files under 1 MB are almost instantaneous.

Large Files Over 500 MB – files over 500 MB will not sync. We don’t recommend cloud sync tools for large files such as Videos, Drone video, point clouds, large BIM files. We recommend you store those files on local drives or move them manually.

Large Files Under 500 MB – these files will sync, but it may take time to download them from Procore or SharePoint and upload them to the other system due to band width of internet connection or throttling from the cloud system. So they may take minutes to sync, not seconds.

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