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03. Create Procore Credentials


HingePoint Sync service uses Procore Service Account to configure webhooks for all projects and sync content from different systems (Windows and SharePoint) to Procore.

The articles from below described how to create and assign permissions for Procore Service Account.

Create Service Account in the Procore Organization

The article from below described how to create Procore Service Account

1. Open your Procore Company ( and select Admin in Company Tools:


2. Select Service Account in the right navigation pane:


3. Select New:


4. Select Custom and fill the name for Service Account (HingePoint-Sync). Select Create:


5. Service Account created:

Note: Please save ClientID and Client Secret in the secure password storage. You cannot find the Client Secret after you create the app only by regenerating a new Secret.

Please click on the below link to migrate to DMSA

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