TRIRIGA – Revit – Connector

If you use TRIRIGA and have your building information models (BIM) and assets modeled in 3D, Autodesk Revit, or 2D AutoCAD, you can now view them and interact with your models and drawings inside of TRIRIGA. This solutions provides an easy to set up connector that embeds the 3D models right inside TRIRIGA for your teams to use on the job and see the buildings they are managing. Request Free Demo Now >>

It is All About:

1. Seeing 3D Revit or CAD models of your facilities inside of TRIRGA. Benefit: saving $1000s on additional software.

2. Viewing BIM data, BOMs and quantity reports from Revit. Benefit: saving days of collaboration time.

3. Improving facilities management with access to floor plans and facilities drawings in 3D models, never possible before. Benefit: increased efficiency.

4. Easy set up and no IT contracts required. Benefit: low risk and low cost.

5. Getting up and running in less than a week. Benefit: rapid deployment process. Up and running quickly.

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