We help you integrate Procore to fit your business, connecting documents with SharePoint and MS Teams. As Procore Certified integration partners and developers we align Procore with your other enterprise systems from O365, Financials, and Project Management

3 Ways We Help with Procore

Procore SharePoint Integration Support

Procore Document Sync for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

Procore Integration HingePoint

Custom Procore Integrations

Procore, HingePoint, Construction OS

Procore App Development

As Procore app developers, we’re ready to help:

  • Designing and developing a custom Procore App
  • Consulting on Procore APIs
  • Building a custom Procore App to meet your company’s exact needs

Get leads and revenue from Procore with a custom-built app.

Procore Consulting Services

Implement Procore by transforming processes to follow the Procore Way. This is the best approach to maximize what Procore can do as your System of Record. Our Architects will then plan out all the Data Integration Points to connect and integrate Procore into your other enterprise platforms such as O365, Financials, Estimating, and Project Management. This will ensure that all your systems are streamlined into a consistent and efficient process for maximum speed and efficiency.

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HingePoint's Roadmap for Successful Deployment

Data Discover Icon HingePoint Software Integrationa

System Assessment

After the initial Discovery Call, we’ll review your workflow and systems.


Design & Development

We’ll work with your key stakeholders to create and/or integrate solutions that achieve your business goals.


Test & Deploy

Before we launch, we’ll ensure that your new system is secure and functioning properly to make sure onboarding and adoption go smoothly.

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As Procore Certified Consultants, We Help You Integrate Procore With Your Other Enterprise Systems

SharePoint & MS Teams Two-Way Sync for Procore

Sync SharePoint & Microsoft Teams with Procore

Procore customers can now automatically update SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Procore document libraries simultaneously with a new SharePoint Two-Way Sync integration solution and Microsoft Teams Two-Way Sync integration solution, both built on Procore Construction OS.

HingePoint is a trusted Procore Development Partner.

SharePoint Two-Way Sync

  • Securely bridge your team that works in Procore with those who work in SharePoint.
  • Migrate your documents and data from SharePoint to Procore for rapid onboarding.
  • Office 365 functionality with Procore: Document sync (Office & OneDrive).
  • Mac compatible.

See it on the Procore App Marketplace more or get support here.

Microsoft Teams Two-Way Document Sync

  • Securely bridge your team that works in Procore with those who work in Microsoft Teams.
  • Migrate your documents and data from Microsoft Teams to Procore for rapid onboarding.
  • Mac compatible.

See it on the Procore App Marketplace or get support here.

SharePoint Sync Details

Yardi Financials To Procore Integration
For Real Estate Development & Commercial Construction

We Help Real Estate Companies Integrate Yardi Data With External Applications, Procore, And Other Construction Management Tools.

Our Integrations will help you track and manage forecast vs. actual costs, the track draws, and answer the all-important question — “Are we on budget?”

You’ll be able to answer this question and more, all without doing tons of manual data processing in basic, inflexible spreadsheets.

We’ll help you automate these system integrations and give you a keener competitive edge!

Here’s how we help:

  • We know Yardi data and Yardi APIs and how to input/output the data from Yardi to solve problems
  • We integrate Yardi with Procore financials
  • We integrate Yardi to your other financial dashboards
Yardi Integration Details

Procore Video

Implement Procore by transforming processes, going mobile, and changing how people work. Sounds good? Only if the business is fully prepared to rethink, reorganize and retrain their workforce. HingePoint helps businesses run Procore implementations to ensure minimal disruptions.

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