Oracle Primavera is your Project Management platform, and we make those projects real by creating 2-way integration connectors between Primavera P6 APIs and your project teams. Directly tie Primavera to the work being done in the AEC architecture, design, and construction contractors, manage sub-contractors, tie in real-time project status, documents, and deliverables between your plans and your team. Finally, project management the way it was intended. Real time integration of data, reporting, and intelligence and control of project scope, schedule, cost, and budget, and risk.

Recent Projects

HingePoint has been working on Autodesk – Primavera integration solutions for years. We can help you connect Primavera P6 Project Management to Autodesk in a variety of ways including:

  • Syncy project schedules and timing from P6 to Autodesk
  • Combine document management across Oracle P6 and Autodesk documents and deliverables
  • Coordinate your sub-contractors by pulling the master plan into the sub-contract plans
  • Tie project status updates in real-time across the project team