4 Packages We Sell

We want you to build faster. We want to automate your manual work. We want to get all your information on one screen. We offer four packages that range from a quick fix to a fully overhauled system where your data is organized, stored and accessible from virtually anywhere.

Bronze Package

This solution is best if you need something finished quickly. We can fix server issues, remove bugs and give you a technical assessment. We can also upgrade your software. For example, if you’re using an old version of SharePoint we can upgrade it to the most current version.

We also give you system support for a year. We make sure your software works the way it should. If anything breaks we will fix it.

Silver Package

Sometimes all you need is new software and you need to maximize it’s out of the box capabilities. We can configure and launch your software and maximize the out of the box features.  We will provide customized user guides and give you business support for a year.

We can help you set up many enterprise systems:

  • SharePoint
  • SalesForce
  • Autodesk tools
  • Office 365
  • Sage Financial Reporting
  • T-Sheets

Gold Package

HingePoint excels at creating custom code and connecting systems. For example, often times our customers want Salesforce to share data with SharePoint. With this connection, you can begin instantly working with a new customer in SharePoint that was just converted from a lead in Salesforce.

In fact, we can connect multiple systems and software so they can automatically share data with one another. The goal is to view all your information from one screen. With this solution, you will have a HingePoint partner for one year to ensure successful delivery of your project.

Platinum Package

HingePoint’s sweet spot is architecting and launching enterprise software systems that work together so you can get all your information on one screen. This option is a complete customization and overhaul. We will redesign how your company works with better software and better tools. To do so, we must conduct a technical assessment and develop a roadmap with a fully integrated team.

For SharePoint, we can make a company Intranet that gives your employees access to the IT Help Desk, HR Forms and Benefits, company documents and training.

For the Autodesk suite of tools, we can fully customize Revit to your business needs, and transform your manual, 2D workflow into an automated 3D Building Information Model.

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