The Best of All Platforms

Now more than ever, remote access to business documents, customer information, and internal resources is crucial to real estate and construction professionals.

For businesses to succeed, connection across all departments and accessibility to the company from anywhere is a must.

With HingePoint’s file sync products, keeping your entire team synchronized and connected is possible. Regardless of each department’s preferred platform, we have integrations to connect them all. Our file sync solutions include:

Procore File Sync construction project management

File Syncing Solutions That Free Up Your Teams To Do What They Do Best

When your team can’t communicate clearly or collaborate effectively, risk, worry, and unnecessary busy work can take over. Teams are stuck wasting time trying to communicate changes within the business or troubleshooting documents that won’t update across construction management software.

Our integration features provide businesses with remote access and collaborative capabilities their workforces require to stay productive and efficient on the job.

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Work Faster, Smarter, and More Efficiently

If collaboration is a must in your business, file sync integration consulting takes the frustration out of sharing files updating, documents, and streamlining the way you interact across departments. Our file sync products provide your team with

  • Simplify project management
  • Collaborate on any file type
  • Minimal delays and downtime
  • Secure storage options
  • Unify processes across all teams
  • Easy management of file retention, archival, and deletion

For businesses ready to get on the same page and improve their teams’ productivity, file sync consulting a needed investment that is well worth the implementation.

See What HingePoint’s File Sync Software Can Do For Your Team

Collaborate with Microsoft Teams

Procore + Microsoft Teams 2-Way Sync Document Integration

This solution is a suite of web services hosted on Microsoft Azure, and it will keep a real-time synchronization between a mapping of 1 Procore project document module to 1 Microsoft Teams project document library.

SharePoint Document Categories

Procore + SharePoint 2-Way Sync Integration Services

This solution is a suite of web services hosted on Azure, and it will keep a real-time synchronization between a mapping of 1 Procore project document module to 1 SharePoint project document library.

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A Centralized Cloud Service for Remote Collaboration

While the complexities of managing files through a mix of disorganized and cluttered VPNs can be a headache, our file sync software provides a fast and easy solution to all your file sharing needs. Our robust products are fully cloud-native and work seamlessly across all your file types and apps.

We handle the entire implementation process from start to finish. Enjoy minimal downtime, file security, and training and support from our team to yours.

The HingePoint Difference

At HingePoint, we are passionate about providing cloud, mobile, and analytics applications that are easy to adopt, reduce your costs, and are agile file-sharing solutions that your employees will love. We operate as a team of agile experts to solve your biggest challenges and provide custom file management solutions to meet your needs.

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When you choose to work with HingePoint, you get so much more than a simple third-party consultant. Working with us means:

You gain a true partnership between HingePoint and our clients.

Users Procore Windows Server SyncYou get positive attitudes, positive results, and positive impacts on our clients, partners, employees, families, and communities.

You get a high-performing team that has the hard-to-find skills and knowledge you seek from HingePoint. Because you deserve great consultants to help you grow.

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