Automating Project Management wtih Autodesk Buzzsaw Sharepoint Integration

Project Description

We integrated project management tasks with the desktop environment and programs for easier and seamless task management and reporting. Our Autodesk Buzzsaw and Sharepoint integration solution leveraged existing platforms to work on mobile devicesstreamlined operations by over 80%improved adoption by 200%, and eliminated all redundant systems.

The Challenge:
The marketing division of a leading telecom provider and mobile technology company manages over 500 marketing campaigns a year going live across 9 Divisions. They had no central system nationwide to give visibility to the portfolio but had hoped SharePoint could pull it all together: project initiation, approval, weekly status updates, closing projects, and reporting on all levels of information to end users. The manual effort required to track and manage all the details was staggering and reports, due every week, took all week long to create manually in PowerPoint and Excel. They needed to automate the entire process of project management and reporting.

The Solution:
Because the business only liked to use PowerPoint and Excel, HingePoint created a SharePoint solution with custom templates that looked and acted a lot like their existing Excel and PowerPoint documents. We made them into GUI’s that users could update. They thought the marketing team would revolt if they had to login to SharePoint, so we created interfaces with Office documents that integrated directly into the desktop environment. They could do their work much like they had before, but it was now reading/writing from SharePoint, with workflow routing embedded right into Outlook email, grabbing data upstream, and automatically entering it in the system. We then provided accurate and up-to-date documents, score cards and project status to all business users. We streamlined almost the entire weekly reporting process and created custom PowerPoint reports for all the regions and specialty marketing groups, exactly the way they liked to see them before it was automated with SharePoint.

Ongoing Benefits:
This tool, still in use today, has greatly streamlined the marketing portfolio and project management process and was well received by end users who were initially concerned about a SharePoint tool they knew little about.

Systems Integrated: Sharepoint, Buzzsaw, API, iPad/Mobile, Desktop, XML