Aligning Branding Standard with Autodesk Buzzsaw Websites

Project Description

We created a custom Buzzsaw web interface, that enhances team cooperation while maintaining security.  Our solution reduced document storage costs by 50%eliminated printing and mailing document sets, and cut a 3 year construction design process down by 6 months.

The Vision:
A growing national brand with aggressive plans for continued expansion, learned about many of the best-in-class systems HingePoint had created for others. Their design consultants had a vision to create a better tool to roll out a new brand direction. The company is committed to their Buzzsaw platform for project collaboration of CAD files and brand project documentation and wanted to stay true to that strategy, but create a branded, user-friendly GUI/user experience for Architecture, Engineering & Construction teams renovating and building out the design intent of new brand guidelines. They didn’t even want the teams in Buzzsaw, they wanted them to have a totally new and unique, custom experience, yet still leverage all the brand documents and security of user accounts coming from Buzzsaw.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside this national brand to create a custom website experience to sit on top of Buzzsaw where all CAD and brand document files are pulled in real time from Buzzsaw and maintained and updated using Buzzsaw. The website, webpages, and web-only content, however, are now maintained by a simple content management system so they can be easily maintained by business users. The site is secure, and only those users with access to the Buzzsaw files/folders are able to login to the site, using their Buzzsaw user name and login. The entire system was built in less than 6 weeks to accommodate an aggressive brand rollout.

Ongoing Benefits:
The client now has a beautiful user experience that is helping to expedite the rollout of their new branding and store renovations, to rave reviews.

Systems Integrated: Buzzsaw, API, Web, CMS