The Autodesk Development Network Open possesses one of the most valuable collections of Autodesk related API blogs in the…blogosphere (is that still a word?).

To properly introduce you to these treasures, and to ensure we aren’t playing favorites, we hired a 3rd party journalist to evaluate each Autodesk Developer API blog based on pre-set criteria.

Sound interesting?

We believe that each site has unique value and HingePoint is grateful for Autodesk’s generosity by making them available to the public. So let’s make exploring new blogs fun.

Each AEC (Architect/Engineer/Construction) blog was rated on the following scale:

  • How frequently they publish
  • Quality of the writing & teaching
  • How complete the API is (fully featured or partial)
  • How long the blog has been in existence

The rating scale is as follows:

Frequency – If Daily = 6 pts,   Weekly = 5,   Monthly = 4,   3 Months = 3,   6 Months = 2,   Yearly = 1

Quality – If long article with code samples and screen shots = 5 pts, Short article, with few samples or screen shots = 4, Editorial advice, no code samples = 3,   Basic directional advice, then send you somewhere for answers = 2,   Doesn’t answer issue = 1

Completeness– If fully = 5 pts, If partial, ranges from 4 down to 1 pt.

Age of the Blog – If 5 years or older = 5 pts,   4 years = 4,   3 years = 3,   2 years = 2,   1 year or less =1


AEC Blog Sites

The Building Coder: A fantastic blog by Jeremy Tammik. He easily provides some of the best information that is simple to follow and contains quality illustrations. While not an everyday blogger, he is someone any Autodesk user should follow if you are using Revit for BIM, design, architecture, engineering or drafting automation.

★★★★★ – Frequency 5   Quality 5   API Completeness   5 Maturity Level   5

Overall Score: 5


The 360 View: This is the same blog covered in Cloud and Mobile Sites. It has helpful information, but some posts don’t have anything to do with API or Autodesk. It may be that they provide more “housecleaning” for the website. It adds more of a personal touch, which is nice for those who enjoy a more interactive experience with the writers.

★★★.75 Stars – Frequency 5   Quality 4   API 4   Maturity 2

Overall Score: 3.75


AEC DevBlog: Monitored and maintained by the same quality individuals who offer up the Cloud and Mobile DevBlog. This website is great; offers outstanding coding information, and while a bit longwinded, is extremely helpful… but not quite to the same level as the Cloud and Mobile offering.

★★★★ Stars – Frequency 5   Quality 4   API 4   Maturity 3

Overall Score: 4


Infrastructure Modeling DevBlog: Another DevBlog offering. It is nice the bloggers break up their content in this fashion. It allows the reader to find almost exactly what they want..but in a more focused way. It has some nice information and great screenshots, again can be longwinded.

★★★★ Stars – Frequency 5   Quality 4   API 4   Maturity 3

Overall Score: 4


Civilized Development: Issac Rodriguez sometimes mans this blog. This one is updated…more or less whenever Issac wants to update it. Some of the information is helpful, but as it has not been updated since May of 2014, it really can’t be considered up to date. Past backlogged blogs might prove helpful, but for newer content, other blogs, or the Autodesk Community Forums, should probably be utilized.

★★.75 Stars – Frequency 1   Quality 3   API 3   Maturity 4

Overall Score: 2.75


There are some truly helpful blogs available by Autodesk and we are grateful to all authors that take time to share their knowledge. While some of the blogs are updated on a daily basis, which to read, or to read first, really comes down to a personal choice. Some might decide they like the style of writing, and method of instructions, better on a newer blog that isn’t updated as frequently. Decide for yourself.

We at HingePoint, think you will enjoy these AEC Autodesk Developer blogs as they are sure to assist you with Autodesk software automation and related projects. Take a cue from Autodesk…share what you learn.