Historically speaking, everyone was an engineer… even architects.

But the role of the architect has shifted.

Architects are society’s big dreamers. They’re the artists. They are creators of beauty and wonderful structures. They are our celebrities.

Engineers are rational. Pragmatic. Safe. Conservative. They keep us close to reality. They are the people working behind the scenes.

Having a blend of both architect and engineer on a project creates the perfect solution.

And if you know anything about the architecture, engineering and construction industry, it’s no secret that conflict lingers between architects and engineers.


Here’s a conversation that could happen if an egotistical architect and egotistical engineer were completely honest with one another.

The Architect: I designed this beautiful building and you—the engineer—are screwing it up.

The Engineer: I know math. You don’t.

The Architect: You are screwing up my dream design.

The Engineer: Your dream is my nightmare!

The Architect: You’re too conservative!

The Engineer: You don’t know science!!

The Architect: You’re scared of creating something new!!!

The Engineer: Without me you are nothing!!!

Then the construction team comes in and says, “Hey. Just give us the plans. We’re the ones actually building this.”


We exaggerate.

However, this conflict ever so slightly rubs these relationships when building a structure. And often times this rub is exacerbated when the two are not on the same page.

Often, these two jobs are siloed and isolated from one another. They don’t communicate. They don’t always share plans.

We have seen that architects and engineers simply do not share documents. They also don’t have all the information they need at their fingertips to make the most educated decision about their project.

Often the problem can be solved by a simple document management solution. But this problem is much more difficult to solve.

We see the same issue with our customers, whether they are corporate real estate companies or in the fast food industry. Some of our clients’ document management problems arise because their systems are extremely complex and archaic.

Sometimes an organization has 30 different systems to manage key information needed to create and deliver a project or product. Sometimes these systems are paper-based.

And often we see the same problem architects and engineers have…. Only the players are bigger. It’s entire business units that have siloed information. The data is siloed in separate servers. Or they have paper-based systems that hold key designs, plans or important information. All cannot be shared easily.

This is when teams become pitted against each other like the architects and engineers. They blame one another for the problems of the business.

Sometimes they try to make a better solution internally. And sometimes it takes years. Sometimes it fails.

This is the problem we solve.

At HingePoint, we help you do more work with fewer resources because we build the technology that will solve problems you are facing. We specialize in making multiple data sources, systems and software work together as one coordinated interface.

But we do something that helps architects and engineers even more than just making one system.

We replace those traditional 2D CAD and paper-based workflows with tools that allow you to rapidly create digital 3D models in Revit. Depending on the client’s needs, we will even make a full Building Information Model that shows virtually every aspect to a building. With this new way of designing and building… you can save time, reduce errors, and increase collaboration between offices and field teams.

Architects and Engineers can actually work simultaneously on the same 3D model. They can communicate with one another. They can understand the other’s perspective and questions.

Instead of pointing the blame, they can both build an architect’s dream while keeping it firmly planted in reality.



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