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Autodesk Mobile Apps

Our Favorite Autodesk Mobile Apps

Autodesk has been working hard to migrate apps to the cloud and mobile devices. This is a huge departure from their roots as the most successful desktop computing software for CAD. In years past, Autodesk acquired and developed mobile apps at such speed it was tough to track them all in the Apple or Android store. At DevDays in 2013, Autodesk admitted they didn’t even know how many mobile apps they had.

A little known fact: The iPad came out in April 2010 and by November, HingePoint was running Autodesk Buzzsaw Apps, on an iPad, using a WebDav API tool.

In fact, it was almost a year later before Autodesk released a Buzzsaw App for the iPad. In 2010, Autodesk was running behind their partners in mobile, but not anymore.

Today, you can find a clean and tidy summary of all the Autodesk Mobile Apps right here!

Apps range from the educational TinkerPlay, to enterprise awesomeness like BIM360 Glue. We encourage you to download and try them for yourself. Below, we overviewed some of our favorites from the app store.


autodesk-360-2015-icon-75x75The new mainstream cloud storage, collaboration and 3D viewer from Autodesk. You can view, mark up, edit, comment, and version nearly any CAD, Revit, Navis, PDF or other compatible file. This is the future of Autodesk file storage and project collaboration.

Quickly replacing Buzzsaw, Vault, and other last Generation document management platforms, A360 has a lot to offer in both the Web browser version as well as iPad, iPhone and Android mobile apps. Options exist for individuals and for groups. If you aren’t on A360, try it today. Without it, you might get left in the dust!

All you need is an Autodesk ID. It is cheap, easy to use, and a “no brainer”. Don’t think about it, just sign up. Your clients will love seeing their projects on their phone! Amazing! Sure beats FedEx’ing around drawing sets.

Autodesk is investing heavily in this platform and it will not disappoint now. In fact, it is only going to get better. We think a lot better given the power of the cloud and the WebGL (web graphics library) that makes this all possible.

In fact, we’ve had clients remark that the phone apps work better than the desktop CAD/Revit Apps. So take a hint. Autodesk is moving off the desktop to the cloud at an alarming pace. This is the future of Autodesk collaboration and file management in the cloud.

A360 Drive

autodesk-360-2015-icon-75x75With A360 comes a tool, A360 Drive, that allows you to save files, work offline, and synch them across apps. With many limitations, this tool still shows a lot of promise and we firmly believe that in the near future these generational kinks will be worked out and online mobile collaboration will be the dream we always dreamed in years past.

BIM360 Glue

bim-360-glue-2017-badge-75x75You haven’t seen anything yet! If you liked A360, you’ll be blown away by BIM360 Glue. It’s HingePoint’s favorite app of this generation of software. It is fully featured and the functionality seems to be almost bottomless.

The ability to collaborate, view 3D BIM models, drill into any data attribute, is simply unsurpassed. We can’t even begin to get into everything possible here. All we can say is consider migrating your company and clients to BIM360 Glue if you are in the 3D/BIM world. Upload, merge, manage, edit models. It is a new day. Good bye old school Gen 1 online collaboration, a new era has arrived.

BIM360 Field

bim-360-field-2017-badge-75x75A great app for field reviews, commenting, and getting mobile construction documents on the job site and out of the trailer. Ideal for construction inspections, project management and team work. But oddly enough, the first generation of Field didn’t integrate with BIM360 Glue. But we can expect Autodesk to integrate these products in the future.

BIM360 Plan

bim-360-plan-2017-badge-75x75BIM360 Plan is a project management tool in mobile format. Calendar views, charts
and issues management all included in one mobile tool. For serious PMs, this tool may not impress, but it has a lot of benefits and we love where this tool is heading. We need enterprise construction management tools in the field and this is a great place to start for your team. Check it out.

AutoCAD Mobile

autocad-360-2017-badge-75x75Finally! Unchained from the desktop, client and team members can now view and edit AutoCAD files on a phone! What a new day! Goodbye paper drawing sheets! Pull up all your CAD data on phones, tables, and mark it up, collaborate, view, comment, etc. all from the job site on or on the go.

The best part is it eliminates the need for paper print out; drawings sheets; PDFs to view the CAD drawings with your clients and teams. A real cost savings tool for everyone. If you have CAD data, and we know you all do, download this app today and graduate to the next generation.


tinkercad-badge-75x75Create 3D creatures and solve 3D riddles. We wish we had this when we were youngsters. Try it out with your kids and show them what mommy and daddy do at work.

Buzzsaw for Mobile

buzzsaw-icon-75x75The world’s largest CAD file storage platform, known as Autodesk Buzzsaw, now has a mobile app. Access your Buzzsaw files from phones and tablets. What else can we say? It’s awesome. It is certainly better than the clunky desktop install of Buzzsaw… and the web-based Buzzsaw never really had the features we liked about the desktop version. Now you can relax and access your Buzzsaw files on the go. What’s not to like?

To learn more or download these great apps, head to the Autodesk Mobile App Store.