Autodesk Industry Groups

Great Autodesk Resources from Big Industry Players

Believe it or not, Autodesk industry groups represent the final chapter of our free resources in this year’s guide. There are many industry groups that participate in, and contribute to, the Autodesk community. Here are some unique ones worth bookmarking.


Autodesk User Group International – AUGI

A global network of Autodesk users formed into communities based out of nearly every city, state and country. The website, magazine and membership benefits are unmatched. There is a ton of free information with a real time pulse on Autodesk issues, bugs, upgrades, and best practices. Subscribe today and join a local AUGI meeting in your town. It will be worth your time, we guarantee it.



Open BIM – Building Smart

The International home of Open BIM, Building Smart is the place to learn about BIM and obtain tools to adopt BIM quickly and wisely. At HingePoint, we are big fans of Building Smart. There are opportunities to become members or sponsors and participate in local chapters.


csi-logoConstruction Specifications Institute – CSI

If you don’t follow the CSI standards, you aren’t standardized!

Seriously, CSI has established an amazing framework that is logical and easy to understand. At HingePoint we use CSI standards and conventions to bring organization to chaos. It’s surprising how many people try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to specifications.

Fans of CSI know you can’t really improve on these from CSI! You can become a member, or a sponsor and you can join a local chapter. Better yet, get certified and learn a consistent and proven methodology for documentation and running construction projects.

Autodesk Industry Report Summary

We hoped you found value in the Autodesk Industry Report.  These resources have been curated by our experts to give you the help without having to cut through all the challenges of a Google search. You may find it helpful to look into and read the descriptions of each resource, to ensure it fits your specific needs. When you find a “jewel” make sure you share it with a friend!