Autodesk Apps Exchange

Learn About the Universe of Autodesk Apps

The Autodesk App Exchange is an impressive new innovation that showcases just how open and extensible the Autodesk products can be. The first app is already present in the Autodesk App store and can be viewed by clicking on the following link. BOM TO EXCEL is a Revit productivity app designed to save users hundreds of hours in data analysis, reporting and quality estimates. The app exchange is full of plugins by 3rd party developers developed for all the Autodesk software.

If you write a plug-in, you can sell it in the app exchange or give it away as a marketing strategy. All apps come with a Free Trail so you can test them and “try before you buy”. The App Exchange is a powerful resource to get inexpensive integration tools and unique proprietary tools that can improve your business workflow and productivity.

Shop the Autodesk Apps Store to:

  • Enjoy the full app community
  • Get exposure to some nice productivity tools that are inexpensive or free
  • Evaluate some paid apps that might improve your workflow and productivity
  • Benchmark what is popular and where the industry is going
Visit the App store to find a ton of free and paid plug-ins for these Autodesk applications:

In each “store” you can find:

  • Featured Apps – The featured apps are either selected by Autodesk, or paid by the publishers.
  • Most Popular Apps – Popularity based off customer ratings and number of downloads.
  • New Apps – Find out what’s trending in this grouping of newly released apps.
  • Idea Station – The forum for ideas on the App Exchange.

Did You Know?

HingePoint is creating a suite of apps, the most powerful and productive apps we can design. Our apps are design to solve client needs and bring big value in design, engineering, and construction. If you need help creating an App we are here to bring your ideas to life.


Using the apps in the Autodesk App Exchange to bring efficiencies to your process is an additional way to get the most out of your Autodesk subscription investment.

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