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Autodesk Social Media

A List of Official Autodesk Social Media Channels

The following is a listing of top social sites operated by Autodesk. They provide users a wealth of up to date, real time, and free information. The challenge with having so many sites, is finding the time to locate, evaluate and bookmark each site.

Heck you may never find them all! We’ve helped by collecting an extensive list of the top sites to save you the time and hassle. These sites are a fantastic way to get a great return on your Autodesk investment.

We will start with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook as locating those profiles on your own can be overwhelming.  At the end, we will close with the easier to locate Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn URLs. Each channel name is hyperlinked so you can easily visit the sites, even from your phone!

When you visit each site, if the information provided looks helpful…Follow, Like or Subscribe to their profile! It will make it easier to locate in the future. You might even get a follow back.

Autodesk Twitter Properties

Autodesk YouTube Properties

Autodesk Facebook Properties

Other Autodesk Social Media Properties


Autodesk LinkedIn Groups

There are hundreds of Autodesk Groups on LinkedIn. Some are official Autodesk groups, or company pages you can follow or join. Many of the groups are run by end-users and organizations across related industries. There is no single link we can provide so here is the tip to finding them. Inside LinkedIn, to find the groups, enter “Autodesk Group(s)” in the LinkedIn search window. They will pop right up for you!